Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?


Did we end this campaign in the middle? I’ve noted that we did the seven first parts; we were “promised” 16 (or 20?) parts, but it’s a long time since we did the latest one. (@Mel_Nod?)


Shaul, I’m not sure. One day I was working on this, had to take a day or two off and when I returned the campaign was over. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We were on a new campaign from that point on.


I’m not sure that I understand what you mean; the Ethiopia Population Mapping was split into 16 parts, and we have only finished less than half of those parts. The map that shows the 16 parts:


From what I just read on that link going back to the 16th of February, the 4th map was supposed to be loading within a few days. That’s the last it was mentioned. :thinking:


Hmmm, hello everybody! As you know I’m relatively new at DG and I’m not sure what the story with the Ethiopia campaign is. Let me ask around and see if I can find anything out.


@Mel_Nod I thought the Ethiopia group (researchers?) decided they had enough data? Or we just got away from it so long, they dropped it?


@Mel_Nod, what has happened with this? I’m pretty sure that we were promised some kind of reward to be given to a few lucky recipients, when the project was concluded. Would @HappyMapper remember?


Hi @Shaul

That was from Jan 2016. All the info I have is on this post::

Quoted material:
To celebrate this new project, we will be holding a raffle contest. Two people will be chosen at random from the pool of top 50 contributors (based on quality and quantity of contributions). The two lucky winners will be awarded an official Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET6) t-shirt, which have been graciously donated by FEWS NET as a thank you for our help providing famine-related data in South Sudan6.

( Mapping Ethiopia's Population - weekly standings )
( Mapping Ethiopia's Population - weekly standings )
( Mapping Ethiopia's Population - weekly standings )


Hi @shaul.
@cageycat is correct on the big picture - FEWs got enough data on the Ethiopia campaign. We nodders still work with FEWs; this past summer we did two South Sudan population mapping campaigns you may have been a part of, and this December we did a small follow-up for them.

Unfortunately I don’t know about the raffle - who won etc. That would have been about a full year before I came on board to DG. I am hoping we can continue to have incentives like this in my day working on Tomnod!