Fascinating neutron star collisions


I think this fits in the “lights” portion of this topic. Watch this animation of the recent neutron stars collision. It’s magical!

2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)

Just as I’m reading this, there’s a news article on TV about how Australia use these drones on the beaches to check the waters are safe for swimmers :shark: And one of the amazing things about the drone is that if it sees someone struggling in the water it can drop an inflatable down :smiley:


LOL I saw that as well. A good use of that technology…


Yes, yes! Life rafts instead of bombs. :smiley:


Here’s a new image of the Crab Nebula obtained from 5 telescopes - 1 on Earth and 4 in space. It’s beautiful! This is the result of a supernova observed by the Chinese in 1054 and the “bright star” they saw glowed for 2 years before fading out.


Oooooooooo sparklies!

Did it steal my ball? :cat:


Some smart-arse scientist is calling your ball a neutron star. It’s right in the middle of that pretty cloudy thing! :smile_cat:


OooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Lots of balls to chase!

(Now, to me, THAT is God / Creativity. Awe inspiring. )

Oh boy, can’t WV4 look over its shoulder out into the universe? Just once? Just one strip? Pretty, pretty please? @Mel_Nod huh, huh, huh? Tugging on sleeve…