Firefox disaster!


I’ve been using Firefox on my MacBook Pro with excellent results. I loaded easily and moved quickly. This morning a new version popped up and it’s totally useless. Tomnod won’t load at all. I have no luck with Safari, and Chrome (even icognito) has been a molasses problem. I do wish they had left Firefox alone! I’ve been searching Maria. Any other suggestions?


Hi @Sandra, You don’t say whether it is just Tomnod you are having problems with or if it is all websites. If it is more than TN would suggest going into an Apple store if you have access to one and let them check things out. I use the big I-mac with Chrome and stopped searching Maria b/c of slowness in loading despite clearing my browsing data. Had no trouble with Sudan or Antarctica or the other hurricanes. @Mel_Nod and @cageycat might be aware of specific problems so I tagged them in this post. Hope this is helpful.


Hi @Sandra, other than what @Wilms has already suggested, the only other thing I can think of right away is… Have you tried using Chrome Incognito mode to speed things up a little? (It worked for me on the larger search campaigns once I’d covered several k of tiles…)
You’ve put me off upgrading to the latest Firefox for a little while, I was going to do the updates in the next few days but I think I’ll hold fire for a while now…


Maybe @Jon_Saints can test the new Firefox (FF) update with Tomnod. I don’t have FF to try it.


Helen, I was using Chrome incognito until it slowed way down, then I
discovered Firefox and it was wonderful. I’m bummed that they changed it.
I’ll Google if there is a way to go back to the old one tomorrow. I’ll post
how it goes if it’s even possible.


Fingers crossed that either there’s a way back, or that FF do another update to fix it. It’s one of my preferred browsers too…


Sorry to hear that, @Sandra!!!
We do have recurring issues when tagging campaigns get too large. Sorry that you’re having access issues.

Curious - Is anyone else out there using Firefox successfully on Tomnod, either Seals or Maria?


Hi there… I’ve been using FF for Tomnod searches… I don’t do much with seals, and tried my best with the Hurricanes… and the SV Celebration search…
For current ones… I have to restrict any that cause eyestrain trying to see what might be there… sorry, but it is my eyes. I prefer Chrome mostly because it was pointed out that the History files can become huge for logins… and that causes the computer to bog down… Chrome is in my opinion a LOT easier to edit the history and still retain some of it… I’ve never found an easy way on the later FF versions… it might be there, but it eludes me… it was easy at one point, but I don’t know when it changed…

On other thing is that FF like most of the other ‘big’ browsers have been cutting out supporting some of the old school soft wares that enhance web use… that has a broad effect… some still allow some things, but one must be aware that after updates (read as often) you must re enable the optional software… more and more you simply cannot do that at all… so if your browser needs it… too bad.
On the other side… most of them have replacements built in… but the site has to be compatible with the new stuff and enabled.

Hope that is clear… I’m still a bit dozey… ATAPI is one example, FF made its own version and made that available minus the shortcomings of ATAPI in their view…
Now I believe it is just their version but not a choice to enable it… I could be wrong on that… but my FF seems to work… I also am PC based, Apple is another world.



Let me clarify. Chrome and Firefox work with no problems for me on seals.
It’s Maria that won’t load. On the old Firefox a week ago Maria worked
perfectly, so I don’t see how it can be the size. Then a new Firefox showed
up and now nothing for Maria. It sure won’t load or function in a timely
manner on Chrome either! Discouraging!


In the Maria campaign, I create a new account when things slow down, e.g. kateg2, kateg3, etc. then things speed up. I do have to keep notes on where I have already tagged. Taking screen shots where my user name is displayed and zoomed out to see the pink dots is really helpful. I ended up having to create dummy gmail accounts since only one user name works per email address. But it is all worth it to get back up to speedy.


Dummy e-mails… I’ll try that!


For what its worth I think the problem may be with TN and not the browser. I have both Safari and Chrome on my desktop. Maria is frozen in Chrome even if I clear my browsing data. When I open Safari and pull up TN I can access Maria and fly through it BUT only because I am not logged in to TN on Safari (though TN keeps asking me to open an account.) Not sure if I want to experiment and log in and out of each browser to see what happens.


Well, that dummy e-mail didn’t work. It automatically logs me in as Sandra.


I’m just not thinking… I logged out and then in as new tagger. It’s
moving so easily now. I love it! BTW… using Firefox


I’m glad it’s working!


@Sandra THANK YOU for persevering and finding a way to continue working on Maria. We appreciate it and have a special badge now for the likes of you!

@Wilms is correct that the slowness in tagging campaigns is due to Tomnod. It’s a long known but not solved issues. Many of you smarties have found ways around it. We have it on our long list of gripes!


You know I would think the slowness is a Tomnod problem, especially when
our numbers climb, except it worked wonderfully on the old Foxfire for a
while. May be a combination.

And thank you Mel_Nod for the props. I’m just glad to be working the
campaigns again!


You know…there is a chance that your slowness problem was also fixed when we got this issue all worked out: Antarctica - Repeat tiles?

CrowdRank also helps us prioritize maps in the tagging campaigns. Anyway, again, just glad it is working for you! That’s the main key.

But again - thanks for posting your issues here.