First share and Invite Badges


I asked a couple of questions and comments in the Trying to reach Trust Level 3 thread:

  • I see that there is a Badge called “Certified”, that you get when you’ve “completed our new user tutorial”, but there is no link to that tutorial. Where may I find it? There is an “advanced user tutorial” too, but as no-one has gotten that “Licensed” badge, I guess that no-one has found a link to that one yet.
  • […] it is impossible for me to get a badge like “Devotee”, as I must visit Tomnod Forum 365 days in a row, and at least one Jewish Holiday every year stretches over two days, so I will be off-line during those two days.

Now I’m starting a new thread, so we can concentrate on questions about Badges:

  • I tried to invite one person, and tried with four different email addresses, but all I got was the reply:

Sorry, we couldn’t invite that person. Perhaps they have already been invited? (Invites are rate limited)

and that email address has definitely not been used here before?

  • I tried to share, but didn’t get the “First share” badge. Has anyone else had any problems with that badge?

  • I’d like to receive ten likes on a post. Please :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have any questions on Badges?

New badges earned

The 10 likes on one post is RARE… very rare. Most often, the highest is 5 to 8. I’d rather see the 10-per kept as an earned item, that readers truly like a post that much.

I already addressed the tutorial question. It’s discobot (Discourse Forum helper) and [Edit: rest of comment removed because it was inaccurate info].

I’ll read up on the Invitation issue. Was the person already a member here?

Tomnod Mod


No, the person has never been on Tomnod.


I think that is the problem. I think the Invite is only for Forum Members, since it says “Enter the username of the person you’d like to invite to this topic.” Can’t have a username without being a member already.

See also my thread about discobot:


Ouch! It says “Username” TWO times in the instructions - and I understood it as email address. :man_facepalming:


Not having a “senior moment” were you? :rofl:


@Shaul I think it is totally reasonable to give you some days off the Devotee badge especially for this reason. We would need to be alert to monitor it ourselves though, since the discobot will not automatically grant. Do you believe you are getting close? Or is this the start of a badge journey for you?


Thanks @Mel_Nod; I visited the Forum only 73 days during the last quarter,
so I’m only at the beginning of the journey. I’ll keep tabs on my progress.


Sounds great, @Shaul!


Having sorted the list of Users for the past year, it looks like Helen isn’t far off that Devotee badge…only 15 more days to go :smiley: Followed close on her heals by Cagey and AKE235 :grin:

So I’m guessing it’s because they are permanently logged on to the forum with whatever device they use…even when sleeping? I know Jim has said in the past that he leaves his computer logged on. So that’s one badge I’ll never strive to gain :smirk:


I manually login every day, sometimes multiple times a day.


Does someone have a email address? I need a short email addy where I can send a test action. I’d make one… but don’t want to mess up my existing multiple emails LOL.

If @Mel_Nod wanted to send a Big Invite to all the thousands of Nodders by email, Discourse says to create a new account (for you) first. Second, split up the list into manageable chunks so you don’t choke the server, or tick off email providers. Instructions here: ( ) However, you’d have to be very careful about numbers, or Tn mail could be considered spam and Tn could get put onto the email blacklist. :frowning:
@Shaul I was wrong & you were right… you can use email addresses in Invites. BUT I still cannot find exact instructions. I tried it using my ultra-long email addresses that are not Tn-members, and those were rejected. Only the email I use for Tomnod went through, inviting me to this thread.

Plus there’s that reject message about rate limiting. something about time (how long between a duplicate invite )and whatever other “limits” the devs set. ??

Level 2 members or Staff can send invites for a Topic/Thread, Forum Created Group, or a PM. ( )

.That’s all I’ve found out so far. :-/


I do usually close the tabs and the browser, but my computer is on 24/7. I have my backups (one to the “cloud” and one to an external HDD) and a couple other jobs run from 2 AM until around 6:30 - 7 AM. And my anti-virus runs a quick scan at 10 AM. It does a full system scan a couple of times a week in the wee hours of the morning as well. What I do is close my browser without logging out. Using certain links (like the URL of where I left off the night before) will bring me back to that tile - and logged in. Sometimes I use different link and have to sign in by clicking the login button, Bother! :roll_eyes::wink:


How about ? I just set it up. If you want, I can go back to the setup for this and have it forward any messages it receives to you. But I was hoping to get to sleep by 1:30 AM. I’m a little tired tonight. :tired_face:


I do think that you have to take some action (e.g., to post, read, like) to be registered for that day. I’m usually continually logged in to the forum, but I don’t see my numbers go up unless I actually do something.


Big Brother is watching :eyes: LOL! More like, Computers are Counting.


Eeeek how on earth did I manage to get to the top of that list?? :thinking::scream:
I haven’t been trying, and am quite surprised seeing as I spent a little while in hospital and have had several holidays out of the UK this year!:rofl:


I think discobot likes you! :wink::laughing:


:rofl: I must have said or done something right! :wink: Had to happen eventually… :upside_down_face:


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