Flooding - Ohio River from Wheeling WV to Cincinnati OH


I’m keeping my eyes on the first look imagery collection, though - we might be able to get more imagery!


Guess we aren’t going to do the flooding…


I guess not, but this did give you a little (lot?) of experience in acquiring data and experiencing what the Tomnod staff has to go through for a cmpaign - in a small way, didn’t it? :thinking:


So true @Jim7!

@cageycat we did end up getting 4 images that were somewhat scattered during the flooding, in Northern Indiana, Cincinnati, and Louisville. You can see the images (somewhat, resolution is not full) here: https://discover.digitalglobe.com/fda2a188-2edb-11e8-93cd-0242ac110002

The main issue I was having was that DG did not decide to push an open data event for this, and we were not receiving requests for this data. So along with the somewhat sparse coverage, it was hard to pull it together into a good campaign.

I hope I will be able to get some new and meaningful projects for us all soon!