Fort Hood, TX Soldier missing after deadly boating accident


One veteran soldier still missing in deadly boating accident on Belton Lake. Can we take a look and see if we can help his family get some answers on where he is?

From his mother…
This is my son. Here’s an amazing man! He will be found because we are his family and we’re not giving up! We will not stop!!
Please do not tell us to sit tight, not search or wait for the authorities to find him.
Our family searched again yesterday and found some of his items on shore that the military search didn’t find so I guess our priorities are very different from theirs.
He’s a ex-soldier, fireman and eagle scout. If you’re not familiar with what it takes to accomplish those things, familiarize yourself. Those are tough achievements that weak people don’t accomplish!
We understand that things may not turn out how we’d like but damn it, stop telling us to not try! We’ve accomplished more progress than the damn military did at this point!
They have NO idea how far a determined, fierce, pissed off mother is willing to go and push!!

JUST IN: Scott Weinhold’s mother says crews found his jacket, tackle box and shoes ON LAND.
Crews will be back out in the morning with tracking dogs to search the land where the items were found.
Family members say this gives them “a little more hope.”
Weinhold has been missing since his boat capsized while fishing at Belton Lake on Monday.

UPDATE: Day 4 of the search for Scott Weinhold has ended and there is still no sign of the 25-year-old.
Family members say they have found several items of clothing and today they found his fishing license ON LAND.
Game Wardens say it’s unclear if those items were washed up or if they were placed their by Weinhold.
Game Wardens add they have moved their search to deep water because they have finished their shallow water search.


I’m sorry about the unfortunate incident involving the missing soldier. I would like you to understand that the satellite cameras cannot peer down into deep water as the search has now moved to (according to that 2nd article you posted). Secondly, authorities have to fill out a request form before Tomnod could even begin such a campaign. I pray that he is found - and soon, but please understand that in this case a ground and underwater search appears to be the best answer… just what they are doing now.