Forum change and use of white backgrounds on webs and mobile - what's going on here?


…something just doesn’t look right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And. just as I thought, I logged out, cleared history, rebooted and it’s still the same view confused8


Yeah, looks like Discourse moved the categories from the center column and put them under each topic. Looks trashy, huh? (to me it does)


I agree Cagey and takes up more screen length, means more frequent scroll down :roll_eyes:


Drat! Discourse changed it.


I’ve just done exactly the same thing! Not sure I like it, it takes up far too much screen space now…

Yup, looks awful to me too.

Wonder if they’ve “improved” things in the name of mobile and tablet screen users, at the expense of other users?


I just read through the posts on Discourse and the last one (#25) has me worried:
Jeff Atwoodcodinghorrorco-founder
I wonder if simply switching to a lighter black (aka grey) would be better, because otherwise we’re removing the #bug bold topic hint like so. Plus how do you tell tags from categories in that case?

Why can’t these developers get it through their heads that grey instead of black kills your eyes - especially in the smaller font sizes. Greyed out = washed out = “Blah! Poor design choice!” For some reason, that became the new fad. It stunk from day one and it still stinks. I’ve actually had to copy parts of websites and paste them into a text editor - just to read what they had in grey. There’s no justification for “greying” aside from letting one know something isn’t available… and even in those cases, if one is unable to easily read the greyed out text because of the color of the background it’s on, then greying is useless even for that.


Yes! I see this on the login for this website and it gives me a headache.
I wonder if some people have a better ability to discern the contrast. But then why doesn’t a colleague say something. Or are all the coders gifted with this ability? :scream:


I added a comment to the “topic list doesn’t need a category column”


It’s fascinating to see what the coders are talking about. A lot of UI stuff and hair splitting.


From one of the other comments on the Discourse forum, one team member (the co-founder?) made the remark that more people are using Discourse on mobile and that what his reasoning for pushing blindly ahead with certain changes. Some color themes look better on small screens and so that’s apparently what they’re concentrating on? :thinking: :unamused: I wonder if they took a poll of the members of every forum that uses Discourse to come to this conclusion, or if he was just parroting something he heard or read somewhere. As an example, a nation-wide(?) (USA) pole came to the conclusion that only about 40% of Americans have a landline - the rest have mobile numbers. :thinking: If they had asked me, I have a landline, but no mobile number (although my wife has a cellphone). After having one of the first cellphones in my area 37+ years ago (you got 2 antennae, a stubby one for the city and a long one for the rural areas), I stopped using a cellphone 20 years ago when I retired. :laughing: Anyway, different results can be obtained from the same data by simple “fuzzy math” and/or only picking selected numbers to use.
The best approach to making changes to color themes is to check them out on every platform - mobile, laptop, desktop, small screens and large screens. What may “look great” on one platform and/or size screen may be terrible on another. But to limit one’s software to the benefit of a perceived “movement to mobile” audience/customer base is being headstrong but small-minded in a way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, it’s called bull$#$$@% :joy:


Don’t you just like the attitude of this guy? “Why do users need consistency between desktop and mobile?” Sounds like this guy is lazy - not wanting to design to meet the demand of all, but only the demand of a select group. And this remark, “Most people likely use one or the other and not both.” shows he is assuming something and hasn’t any hard numbers to back up his thoughts. Even the first sentence in the reply to @charleswalter doesn’t make sense. How can something on a large screen look more crowded than on a small phone screen. The smaller the screen, the less real estate and thus more crowded - unless things are realigned into a long page that can be scrolled up and down, left and right.


Ha! That’s my comment after the quote :rofl: guess i’m just as guilty of bs’in
I’m disguised as the yellow K :joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I just realized that now that you’ve pointed it out. I did notice the “kate” but never looked past it to notice “kateg”! Duh! Guess I should slow down a bit and carefully examine everything in all posts from now on. :roll_eyes:

Edit: I’m still laughing about this! :rofl:


Actually, it was kateg8 who commented. She’s not real swift :joy:


Now I see why she hasnn’t commented but once. I know kateg, kateg9, kateg14 and one other earlier one commented quite a bit, but recently I only noticed kateg commenting. The rest must be sitting back and waiting for just the right time to pounce on us! :open_mouth:


I needed a good laugh. My stomach hurts :joy:


Mine too! Guess I’ll have to calm it down by running up to the village and getting some cherry vanilla ice cream. I finished two kinds last night and I’m all out. :hushed: Be back in 25 minutes! :yum:


I should have said this, to no one in particular…

Feel free to complain there as individuals, but it is a community headed by the joint co-creators, co-owners, and a large community of developers who often have a different perspectives (than me). . Please avoid being really crabby, or identifying Tn, because none of us speak for this company. Plus, Tn pays a pretty price every month for all of us to use this forum software… so we can’t get too crabby with the software owners. :wink: :upside_down_face::kissing_smiling_eyes: