Forum in Chrome Incognito/Chrome shows NOT Secure



Oh, and do you remember this one DancingBaby :laughing:


WOOOO!!! I am so happy that you got in @EmeraldEyes and I’m sorry it’s been such a hassle. So glad to have you back!!


Twas all my own fault as it turned out :blush:
As it turns out, I realised I had actually made a note of the action it took to fix this.
I’d only managed to block >< and I do remember doing it now. With Europes new privacy laws coming into effect on the 25th May I’d been bombarded with emails and weird pop-ups asking for permissions, a few I was no longer interested in, a few a didn’t recognise I blocked and as I’d never had any pop-ups before from TN/Digitalglobe before I inadvertently hit the block button before I realised who it was. But then thought well, I’ve never had this before from them so it’s probably nothing relevant this section :roll_eyes: I know better now :laughing:

I think @cageycat did suggest checking for this, I thought I had, but I was obviously looking in the wrooong place :confounded:

This is where I shoulda been looking for the cookie jar :yum: :rofl:

Good tip for me to bookmark for future should I be so dumb as to leap before I look :laughing:


Glad you are back in Nodding land!!! :smile:


also I just read an article last night, which stated that one of the big effects of the Russian VPNfilter virus was that it changed the HTTPS to HTTP so they could use the router for their network. I have since rebooted my routers and system several times. The FBI had started with this warning a couple of weeks ago, and I had rebooted then as well. So I hope this might help some others get clear of any repercussions from this attack.