Fun "campaign" -- "Tag" the one car


Can you find the car? Look :eyes: closely!!


Yes, it’s looks like a VW Beetle (or bug). :rofl: It’s… oops! Almost blew it for everyone else! Shhh! :sushing_face:


Ut oh, I think a “bug” has affected everyone else. :frowning: Come on, shake out the bug (it’s only a little one!). I’m disqualified and Jim has a 1960s bias methinks…

So, who’s found it?

Hint: :mag: :eyes: :mag_right:

Hurry! I think @Helen and @EmeraldEyes might start coloring the snails! (No, you can’t make blue snails. No, they can’t wear blush. Snails don’t need long eyelashes! I don’t know what color a snail’s “house” is… )


Hi… Almost? But it’s hard to spoil something so easy… besides, I looked and found it first before reading your note… ha ha.

Reminded me about an old joke about a French Racing Car… a model ES sports roadster… You know the one I mean don’t you… when it drove past just about everyone said WoW! Look at that ES car go!

I have to go beddy bye now… fatigue shows!


Actually I thought it looked more like a '71 Super Beetle! My dad had one many moons ago. :wink:


Blue snails would look pretty in a garden. And long eyelashes would make them more appealing to gardeners! :grimacing::grin:


I copied the image and I’m going to print it so my two granddaughters can color them. And maybe I’ll have them color some blue (just to see what they look like). Or maybe blue and red like a neon tetra (tropical fish used in aquariums). And eyelashes for everyone! :rofl:


Found it . . . well . . . I think I found it . . . think I found several . . . oh no, I think I’ve actually found it this time confused2 Yep definitely found . . . I think :blush: :rofl:
Oh heck, I think I’ll just come back to it again later 'cos it’s looking more like the car scrap heap we found in the Libja campaign :laughing: it’s been a long week :tired_face: and I’m too tired for this just now :sleepy:


Do you need a blue crayon?


Nothing would make snails :snail::snail: more appealing to gardeners! Pesky critters… :unamused:


LOL, I almost thought of doing that before I spotted it… (it’s been a long day!)


Libja? Yes, I imagine it’s been a very long week! :wink: [Next campaign: Find Libja on world map. Sometimes typos make the coolest words.]


But but but… the rest of us are still wearing our Solar Eclipse glasses. Well, except Jim… and you… and a few others… :smiley:


I was just making fun with that remark. We have a lot of calladium in front of our house that used to get eaten by slugs and snails (mostly slugs) - until I ran some copper strips as a border. Then we just had to make sure the leaves didn’t flop over the copper and give those little buggers a bridge to cross over on.


My 5-year old granddaughter came up with “ADDDY” for “DADDY”. Would that be pronounced as “add-dy”? :thinking:


Can you imagine if solar eclipse glasses were also 3-D glasses? That would really make a solar eclipse cool looking! :sunglasses:


The snails in our garden are, I think, too thick to realise that they’re not supposed to cross the copper. I spent a small fortune a few years ago on copper tape to stick around all of the pots we have (lilies, a snail delicacy). Didn’t do a thing, the snails and slugs carried on as if nothing had happened. Grrrr :unamused:

Got them better controlled now though, I’ve sprinkled the tops of the pots with eggshells. Too sharp for most of them, and the problem has mostly gone away! :slight_smile:


Snail omelet on the cracked shell? yum (cough! gross)


I believe the copper has to be in contact with the ground in order for that to work. I laid my copper banding along the ground and stuck several finishing nails through it to anchor it. My only problem was that as the leaves of the calladium grew out, they would sometimes hang over the copper and onto the ground which provided them with safe passage to the rest of the plant. Eventually I installed a short wooden fence about 4 fingers in height between the plant and the copper. It worked for most of the season.


:roll_eyes: That’s when I decided that the local gastropods were probably too thick to know that they shouldn’t be crossing the copper… I unleashed my “inner electrical engineer”, figured out my initial mistake, and earthed each one to the ground with a length of copper wire.
They were just either incredibly thick, or starving hungry! :fork_and_knife::snail: