Fun Campaign? to Mel


How far can the WV family see underwater? 50 feet? 100 feet?

Could we explore the supposed lost continent of Mu and the underwater structures located in- between the current islands?

The underwater pyramid-like structures are described as cut geometrical shapes with stairs for giants to climb. It’d be interesting to put the puzzles back together with what is on land.

A tip I heard on the History Channel is that a square shape under sand would be darker at the edges because water collects there.

We gotta get in on a really big find! Can we do it, huh? huh? pretty please? paleeeeze?
I’ll look at 5,000 more seal tiles if I get to look for some ancient civilizations… :smiley: Remember, we haven’t had a fun campaign in well over a year or two… sniffle…

:heart_eyes_cat: :wink:

ooooo… kewl…


Hi @cageycat!!

I was thinking of reviving this thread myself. We could have time for a little fun winter I hope!

Unfortunately I find myself in all manner of DG-Tomnod work often being the boring, dreaded voice of why-this-won’t-work (wah wah, not a fun job). I love the idea of looking for Mu but we have a big issue in that we don’t, as a general rule, capture open water, unless we have been tasked for it. For example, for the MH370 search, we were able to rally much of DG to collect new imagery. This is also the reason why we were not much help during the search for the Argentine submarine.

An Interesting way to see this for yourself is to explore This is a browser-based way to explore the entire digital globe imagery archive. I drew this area of interest in the Pacific Ocean off the north-west coast of Hawaii. We got nuthin’!