Getting to know DigitalGlobe's satellites


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I love searching your pictures, dear Satellite, because I like to help people all over this planet and I like using computers. I also have an interest in art and photography. While poring over your images, I sometimes think, “I’d love to do something more with this!” For example, some of the imagery of the mountains in Nepal is beautiful! Can you tell me, Satellite Friend, whether you allow humans like me to use your images? We Earthlings often have rules about such things. What are your rules? I’d be happy to give you credit, if you like. You do good work and you deserve lots of credit!


As sad as the campaign for Nepal earthquake was I was absolutely awestruck when viewing the Himalayas. Never did I think that I would be able to soar above those majestic mountains. Thank you tomnod :heart:


Check out this forum topic to learn more about the life and legacy of IKONOS and QuickBird-2, who recently retired from DigitalGlobe’s constellation of large satellites :globe_with_meridians: