Ghana: Child Slavery Campaign - Images, 'Causes' and Campaigns



I’ve copied your comment from Nodder Introductions so we can discuss it separately.

I’m still unsure what you mean that not every map relates to the cause or search goal?

I think one of the most interesting things I’ve learned since volunteering here is that satellites take images almost like a home printer-scanner bed. (I didn’t know that! I thought it was like taking a camera picture.)

From my understanding, WV3 (World View 3) takes one long continuous image as it passes overhead. That “pass” makes one long image strip that can then be sent back “home” to download at DigitalGlobe. Then, like a scanner bed, it resets, and does another long strip.

WV3 just captures in an image what exists in a long pass over the earth, not based on any particular ‘cause’. Perhaps the fact that satellites only images an area (not snapshots of “a cause”) is why you think a map tile doesn’t relate to the particular cause?

Really trying to understand your point, so I can explain the answer in a better way.


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