H. Harvey #2 - Cloud pics!


A woman in black, hovering above at an angle:

Cloud - Dino hovering over roadway-

Parking nightmare! (ground)

Purty orange Bldg

Cloud - Frog eyeballs

da plane (s)

Clouds-- me in the cloud with paws on the ground

Cloud - Jim is this your dog?

Whatsit 2 orange circles with a hole between them?

Cloud-- Momma bear mad at baby bear rolled up and tumbling

Salt…& (One) Pepper ground shakers


I’ll have to look at that later on… seems everyone in the world is discovering the new images…
I barely was able to disconnect and come here… Glad to see them and it was strange to log tags with absolutely no agrees… still lots of blank clouds but I did see many and figured you would be taking some relaxing time…
Edit: took a look and will still try again… but I don’t see anything but a gap in the clouds revealing the ground.
On another note I did do the corners of the strip… runs down the TX LA border SE of Beaumont. to the Gulf…


One ugly mask! http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2107/map/1m8cx10y5f
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_one ugly mask


Two aliens that couldn’t swim.
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_2 aliens couldn't swim


Last one before bed. Here’s a dog watching a miniature Pegasus rear up on a cat’s head as the cat contemplated jumping a terrified mouse. (Cagey’s relatives always seem to show up, don’t they? :smiley_cat:


Here’s a T-Rex (Godzilla?) jumping out from the clouds. :roll_eyes:


Cloud kitties (I can see 4)

http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2118/map/1m94x17y19 and left