H. Harvey and H. Irma: Crowdsource tomnod impact images


Hello faithful nodders:

This Friday, @Jon_Saints and I will be presenting internally to folks at DigitalGlobe about the Harvey and Irma tomnod campaigns - who participated, what we saw, and results.

I’d like to show some interesting imagery from the campaigns. Much has already been posted, but I thought it would be fun to crowdsource this a little with our group here.

So, as you work, or if you remember back, please post links to interesting maps here. I will show some silly images from some of the other threads - alphabets, guitar pools, inflatable aliens (@Jim1 @cageycat etc) but in this case I’m interested in imagery that shows impacts of the storms and how tomnod can be beneficial in finding and mapping. THANKS! If it’s ok with you, I will give a shout-out in my presentation to your screen name :slight_smile:


I’m afraid you might have opened up Pandora Box!:grinning:

To display some of the work, our nodders do, to management is an honor. (New badge???)

I’m sure by now, that you have noticed, just how dedicated, your small cadre of volunteers reviewing thousands of images, around the clock, are. Depending on what the public interest is on a looming disaster here in the continental United States, abroad or a favorite vacation locale will determine how many users we will get and utilize to interpret images. If the campaign is to count sheep in Australia or seals in Antarctica, then only a handful of your loyal users will participate in the often mesmerizing influence of processing of tile after tile of ice and snow, you begin to see things. I call it the ‘Genghis Khan Effect’. During that campaign, you began to see things in the Gobi Desert at times. This Mirage effect can bleed over to Artic and tropical campaigns as well.
Long story short, you have a few folks with vivid imaginations.


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Thank you all and thank you @claus - I’m going to stick one of your images into my presentation!


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Comments for Irma presentation:

  • In areas (islands) where water is on both sides of a strip of land, it is inconceivable that any building was spared structural or water damage, even if they look good from the roofs…
  • I can recall no other campaign with such densely packed destruction. This exceeds even the Canada wildfire damage 20 fold over.
  • The housing / buildings are so close together, “1 tag per” cannot be done. It’s more like tag 2 and skip 3 others.
  • Even where homes // commercial housing look untouched, white splintered debris is strewn throughout the tile view.
  • Because Tn restricts how close we can view locations, it makes it hard to discern splintered debris from other non-damage items, ex. rocks
  • Boats became “trash heaps” for this campaign. Boats “sailed” up streets to do battle with autos, where they all now still sit, becoming road blocks. “Backyards” and piers are filled with boat-piles.
  • Some yachts look as if they are untouched? – while others now sit pushed aground or float cockeyed / sideways in inlets.
  • The widespread devastation makes it extra hard for tenderhearted nodders (like cats). The eyes nor heart can take in that much “hurt” without reacting to it. Fortunately, this can also spur more nodding, because for many of us, it’s all we can do to help. But it still “hurts”.
  • Although it can seem awful to do amid such suffering, Nodders find relief in posting “silly” scenes we find.
  • Beginning way back in the overseas “dirt and more dirt” campaigns, I noticed Mother Earth and human activities present many instances of letters, especially A.
  • I know it seems silly to tech people, but I love that Nodders let their imaginations take wing, whether via talking about “Server Johnny” (how is his shape-learning coming now, btw?), WV3 & 4 as if human, hearing of Cat’s adventures floating on clouds above a campaign looking for shrimp and sardines, or seeing strange faces and people in clouds and giant animals in land and water. Imaginative endeavors make lighter work of nodding, especially when the scenes are like what Irma left behind.
  • Oh my, I forgot to mention Pan. Panda came to the forum more than a year ago on one of those “find the Panda” pics. From that, “Pan” went on an adventure where she almost froze to death… and thus, was flown to Texas for specialized treatment, and that’s where AKE took her in. Uh, somewhere along the way, Pan had this cute as a button baby, and after H. Harvey, Pan is in our Member Lounge with the Dust Bunnies. (Please invite the Techs to come meet Pan and her baby. LOL)

Here’s part of one island.

Which includes: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2118/map/1m95xcys


Thank you so much, @cageycat, for these notes and the image! I’ll be pulling these in for Friday.


BTW, @Mel_Nod at least half of us would love to “attend” your presentation… or, to watch a YouTube video of it. Please, please?

Cheese & Crackers bribe? New book for camping trip? Uh, undying Nodder devotion to campaigns… :smiley:


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