H. Harvey gets stuck and freezes browser


hi everyone. when i’m trying to start again this campaign, it stucks on the first “overlay” screen (the “what is tomnod?” screen) and freezes my browser.
sometimes, if i wait a few minutes, it works, but the map tiles are painfully slow to load. and the “jump to priority area” never works for me, it just freezes my browser again (and i have the “this page is taking to much time, do you want to close it or wait?” message). i’m using chrome, i tried with a firefox clean new install, and i tried to delete my cache but nothing works. i’m the only one with this problem?



I had the aame problen using Firefox on my Mac. Tried all the things you did.
Finallly quit Friefox and started over. Got a whole new block of tiles to look at.
I have no idea what the problem was/is as I haven’t had the problem with the new bolck of tiles.


I have this problem after I have tagged many items. What I do is take a screen shot of what I have already tagged. Then I created a new Tomnod account (kateg2). In the new account my count is back to zero and things are speedy again. I take the screenshot since I don’t want to re-tag the same stuff. I have had to use an alternate account on some of the campaigns where there were many tags (Hong Kong boats, Nepal earthquake, South Sudan come to mind)
I think @Newtonian does this and that’s where I got the idea.

I have yet to create a third account, but maybe on Harvey.

Hope this helps!


Here are a couple suggestions:

Click the bars, top right, in Chrome. Choose Settings, then history. in the search box, enter Tomnod. Choose them and delete.

Download the free and safe CCleaner program. It has 2 tabs—Only check things you know, like cache under Browsers you use. Click Analyze. Under Options, you’ll find Cookies-- right click on one and choose Intelligent (forget the phrase but it’s the only one). That saves persistent cookie logins from the left box to the right box. Go back to the Main Screen— click Clean.


@cageycat i tried with your suggestions. i even tried with a Windows fresh install in my other pc, but nothing has changed. i still have this issue, so i’ll try with @kateg 's “multiple account trick” until this campaign ends. maybe my tagged tiles can be excluded from the map, but i don’t know if that can be implemented in a simple way right now.
thank you all for your kindly responses. greetings from Argentina!


Have you tried running Chrome “Incognito” that stops the build up in your History in the first place, can speed up scrolling too.

Just start up Chrome hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press N, that opens up the browser again in “Incognito”. Close down the other screen then and start up Tomnod

These are large maps Tomnod have got up and when you have opened several thousand tiles and dropped thousands of tags it does gradually slow down to grinding stop :confused: Or it could just be that they don’t have enough servers to cope with the numbers of volunteers on this campaign :thinking:

But then again, I’ve just tried starting it up and am still waiting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh and don’t try zooming out beyond -2 as that will grind you to a virtual halt when it’s that slow :confused:


I just find that it gets slower the more tiles I look at, and the more tags I drop. (Having eliminated cache problems, PC reboot, browser issues etc…)
The only way I found so far of regaining the speed is to pick an area I’ve not seen (while I’m logged in), then log out, complete the area then log back in. The downside to that is that if you get carried away, you can end up revisiting tiles that you’ve already actually seen.

Not tried that, will try that trick next time it slows down too much! :smile:


I usually end up resorting to the same method too Helen :sweat_smile:
Though last time I did it, we had a power cut :confounded: cryingbawl


Yes, i have tried that. it is very frustating, i can’t no longer tag because my browser just hangs. i’ll be amazed if some Tomnod programmer realizes that reducing the number of tiles (and the map size too) might help, or avoiding my already tagged tiles. i don’t get why it loads all my visited tiles with all my tags every time i open my browser. and i think my browser just can’t handle it.

now i can’t tag anymore. i’ve created a new username and spend my whole morning skipping previously tagged tiles rather than tagging new ones.


@Mel_Nod Yes smaller maps/pictures, would make it much easier, and solve alot of problems.


Aargh! Frustrating…
Happens at work sometimes, normally just after you’ve spent the morning solving a particularly difficult problem :thinking::open_mouth: (without saving your work of course because you’re concentrating on the task in hand).
Now that I’ve swapped over to a laptop for work, it’s more Windows crashes that wipe the work out rather than power cuts… :roll_eyes:

If I’m doing the logging-out-before-tagging trick, I do normally have to log in around once an hour or so just to make sure I don’t lose too much, just in case something bad like that happens.


Believe it or not they have done just that in the past; particularly on the last Weddell Seal campaign (not the current one as that’s verifying polys :wink: ) :grin:


I haven’t been able to start a tomnod session for the last 3 days! Every time I click on the “start searching” button the browser hangs and eventually crashes . It happens on both chrome and firefox.

Frankly, this sort of poor reliability just sours my opinion of the operators of this initiative.


PS I think digiglobe is geoblocking those of us that volunteer from outside of the US (I’m an Aussie) possibly because the imagery that is being used is ITAR/EAR.


Hi Andrew, I’m in the UK and it works for me, albeit very slow once you’ve covered a large number of tiles and/or dropped a lot of tags.
It does occasionally crash the browser, more often than not I just get the Chrome message that the page isn’t responding, do I want to wait or kill it? I sometimes have to click “Wait” 3 or 4 times before I get the map to show…


Also in the U.K. and have no issues at all. My browser has never crashed whilst using Tomnod at the same time as internet radio and sever other pages open (which I must actually do something with so I can close them again!)

I highly doubt ITAR even comes into this equation - if it was I suspect even the American users would have had to receive ITAR briefs and sign things saying they can’t pass the data to non US Nationals, etc etc.


Hi all,
Apologies that there are difficulties accessing the campaign. This campaign, from the perspective of tomnod’s analytics, is complete and has been for a few days. That may be one of the issues we’re seeing - the program is basically maxed on this imagery. We also had a large number of users working at the same time. It can be a lot for little tomnod, so we appreciate your patience.

We are working on getting new imagery into the campaign for new tagging. We are especially hearing that trash heaps are useful at this point in the recovery.

While you wait for new imagery, we would love for you to look for some seals!


DG does not block anyone.

Actually, it has nothing to do with where you live, except what “hops” you need to make through hand-offs in the Internet maze.

I have not checked recently, but the last I looked, the Tomnod platform was presented through the NW USA (Oregon, I believe). I’m in NE USA, so my Internet provider was sending me EAST before “hopping” around the country on the way to that major hub in the NW US. (I noticed a cloudnet address but have not looked to see if Tn changed anything on their end.)

Popular campaigns often run slower. Campaigns with high # of tags can become very slow.

Even in the US, I often Nod after 1am Eastern time through 6 am Eastern. Most US people are sleeping then, plus the DG employees aren’t doing work on the images.

I know it can be frustrating. Hang in there.

Tomnod Moderator


Thank you, @Mel_Nod for giving the insider feedback. :smiley:

Also, nice to know that Nodders were on top of this campaign. Nodders ROCK!

We’ll need everyone to be as excited about looking for … yep, trash surrounding the flooded homes. This info will help recovery planners coordinate for a massive effort to remove the garbage, so people can get on with their lives and so cities can reduce health hazards.


And I thought I was the only one keeping such wee hours! :sleeping: