H. Harvey gets stuck and freezes browser


Thanks @cageycat. To be honest, there was such wonderful Nodder support for the Harvey campaign we couldn’t keep up with how quickly it was being tagged.

Thanks to you all!!!


@Mel_Nod @cageycat thank you for the replies! i’ll try to sync my tagging times with US sleep-time to avoid server overloads, and i’ll be more patient, i promise :slight_smile: .


Generally the volunteers here are from all over the globe, including Australia and TN have had a number of campaigns covering Australia’s Wild Fires in the past.
Like Helen, I’m in UK also, and haven’t had toooo many problems loading TN…this time, but then I also try avoid US peak hour traffic so to speak…it can be horrendous on these high priority campaigns :sweat_smile:
I tend to do early morning, late night, usually overlapping with the likes of @cageycat and @Jim7 across the pond there :wink:

One tip I can offer you, which usually works for me. First off, save a separate link to the forum so you don’t have to load TN itself to get into it. Then when you can’t load TN campaign from the front page (I have had problems in the past when I couldn’t) go into the forum and use any of the links people have posted of the currrent campaign you want access. As you may have already noticed, members on here are always posting “Points of Interest” links to tiles in a campaign or to query what they are seeing and such :slight_smile:


Those darned Yanks! Oops! I’m one of THEM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeh they do tend to hog the fast lane running away


I had purchased a new router that uses some unused radar frequencies instead of the standard WiFi frequencies (or channels). The company calls them (collectively) as the “Fast Lane.” I purchased this from a start-up company through Kickstarter and it’s been sitting in the box since it arrived a year ago. I just haven’t been at my own home long enough to swap out the old router with the new one - and I have fiber optic Internet service (much faster than cable and especially DSL & Dial-Up. One of these days… I just hope that by the time I do get it set up, everyone else in the neighborhood will have one! :grimacing::rofl:
EDIT: The “Fast Lane” router is called “Portal” and I see it is now available on Amazon.com also.


Jim, you dog, you… Fiber optic! Dang!!!

Hope you have super fast CPU and large capacity harddrive(s). That puppy (FO line) will fill up a harddrive in a NY second, depending on the size of the drive. I have a couple of 3 terabyte drives for my music collection, since mp3 music files are so large. I currently have about 50K and growing music files going back to the 1890s. I guess I should ask is how did you manage to get fiber optic service? I’d give my eyeteeth for that service. They have it in San Antonio, but out here in the sticks, your lucky if you can get carrier pigeon. Word on the street is we might get telegraph service soon. Anyhow, I’m jealous! - bob


:rofl: If I was at my own home more often, I would be upgrading to a business account for even 3X faster uploads/downloads! I own/handle about 140 domain names and when I want to upload files/data to the sites, I don’t want to have to be sitting here with a pot of coffee while everything get uploaded. One cup should be okay. :heart_eyes::rofl: As far as HDDs go, I have 1TB HDDs and a 240GB SSD. I plan on upgrading all my drives to 1TB or more. (I also had to resort to uploading all of my music, photos, videos… well everything… to the cloud so my wife and son don’t do me any more favors by smashing my HDDs when they clean house again! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: As for the MP3s, a lot of my music collection is uncompressed (although I did create MP3 files of them as well). On a nice stereo system and the right music player, the uncompressed music sounds so much more “real” without any “tinny” sound to it. (I can hear the low range of ultra-sonic and I really do hear a big difference - even on my son’s 72" big screen TV. That has a lot of base, but I can hear so tinny high-pitched sounds in the audio. :disappointed:
I think we’re getting a wee bit off-topic here. I remember one topic where computers were being discussed. And the 3-month old just woke up - Grandma and the 5-yr old just left to pick up our 3-yr old granddaughter at pre-school - so I’ll check that out when I get back to my laptop. :grinning: