H. Harvey - Here's some flooding


also go up 3 or 4 rows… and down

Finally hit some flooded farmlands near a river. In case you need some stuff to tag…


Another substation – why such a big slab?

Texas Auto Junk

Well, I swear… WV4 turned me upside down! and sideways.


Are you saying some of us are having - dare I say it - tagging withdrawals? :open_mouth::grin:


Trying to motivate and cheer all of us on. :sunny:


After being scolded every so often about straying off-topic :innocent:, I have to do so just this once. :flushed:
When I tried to reply to several posts the night before and yesterday during the day, I couldn’t post my replies. The “Reply” button didn’t work (didn’t even show the jscript) and there was that perpetual little circle going around and around in the bottom center. Finally, I shut down Firefox, restarted my laptop and restarted Firefox. All fixed! I guess I should shut down my computer more than I do - about once every 2 or 3 or 4 or… weeks. :rofl: Now later today I can send my replies I owe to Claus and a few others - if I can remember who everyone else is. (Senior moment? Works for my wife! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)