H. Harvey loads to A. Weddell


Uh, the data counts I see are for Harvey, but images are Weddell. It acts like DG loaded H.H. Texas over top of A.Weddell

F5 means waiting for a cloudfront.net address— which finally loads again---- back to A.Weddell. Oh my.

Pooh and Christopher once had “the talk” in the forest trees about living under one’s name. These 2 campaigns are either sharing a flat… or are playing pranks on us. They are not living under their names…and they switch their data counts to each other’s platforms.


No problem in my end @cageycat,
maybee your comp need to run a ccleaner.


I just loaded both campaigns in different tabs and all counts for each campaign are okay here. But I do know what you mean about cloudfront. Whenever I’ve experienced slow loading, it was usually a cloudfront address it was waiting for data to be downloaded from. Maybe they’re having server problems periodically. :thinking:


Thanks, I run CCleaner every day. Great program.

Took 3 reloads to get H. Harvey to load.


Both are working fine for me too cagey.