H. Harvey - New Imagery Added


Dear All!
We have added new maps to the Harvey campaign. We’ve also ingested the imagery in a different way than we did our previous campaign, so we anticipate fewer technical issues with locking, slowing, etc.

But please keep us posted with issues - it is helpful to know what’s going on on your side.

Thank you for your help! We are hoping to have Irma imagery up within 24 hours and will keep you posted.


New map…

@Mel_Nod Q and W missing.

@Mel_Nod ok Q and W on now.


Another new map


@Mel_Nod Still very slow to load the Harvey campaign here. It seems to be struggling with my tag count when it first loads (from the link on the home screen), it shows the number of tiles I’ve viewed, and the consensus score, and makes me wait for about 5 minutes before I can start looking at map tiles.
Very slow to move around the map as well…and I have a whole load of blue tags appearing in areas that I’ve not been to yet!

EDIT: On closer inspection, the tags showing don’t appear to have the central “pip” in them, are these coming from the aggregated data somehow?
I seem to remember something similar on one of the other campaigns a couple of years ago - maybe the Indonesian fires? Can’t remember!

I’m using Chrome on Win7, have cleared the cache and restarted the browser.


Have just tried in Firefox (older version admittedly, it’s not the latest available) - it appears to be a tad faster.
I don’t see the spurious random tags, and I get the following message
Won’t do anything until I click “stop script”, (none of the other options have any positive effect) then it seems to work.

Have just done another Chrome cache clearout and browser reboot, still very slow to load, and slow to respond to any mouse input.


Tn being silly. :wink: They miniaturized the houses! “Honey, I shrunk Houston!” :wink: LOL


Hmmm @Helen we are not seeing those issues on our end in testing (with the unresponsive script or the blue tags). Are those issues still occurring? Anybody else having those issues?


No blue-tag issues. My houses are just… shrunk.


I’ll try a reboot of both browsers and report back!


@cageycat you’re right and are highly observant, this imagery will appear a little smaller. We’re hoping you can still see what you need to see. We changed the zoom level by 1 which should help increase speed 4x!


OK, having cleared caches again and rebooted, I’m still getting the script error in Firefox. Seems to work OK once it’s loaded though, so I’m not sure what that is…
Firefox is being a bit flaky on me at the moment anyway, I should probably update it sooner rather than later!

Chrome took an absolute age to get loaded (>5 minutes), and seemed to take ages (a couple of minutes at least) to move from one tile to another.
I was just about to move to another tile and see how long it took, got a bit distracted by the need to get a bag of crisps, and I think someone’s turbocharged it in the meantime… :wink:

Just to check, I’ve gone back to the area that I had the random blue tags showing in (http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2107/map/1m8cxry2w) and they’re still there, and the imagery is being very slow to move around. (Took several minutes to load in.)
The other tab that I had loaded (http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2107/map/1m8cx5y51) just now after the reboot is working fine. :crossed_fingers:


Can’t put anything by me (well, except shrunken houses LOL). If there’s a slide bar on that, could Tn try 0.5 next time for a 2x speed? :wink: :partly_sunny: :eyeglasses: :mag:


I hadn’t noticed a change in zoom level til you mentioned it (I had been stuck in a muddy non-populated area with a few clouds thrown in for good measure) but I had noticed from what I’d seen that the image was more grainy than before…
I’ll have to find some houses now to see if I can spot the difference!


Unfortunately not a slide bar - we are stuck at whole-step zooms!


I’m loving it :heart_eyes: No problems here, I can even zoom all the way out to -5 without the endless wait :heart_eyes: Thank you, thank you, thank you :grin: It doesn’t take much to make me happy :joy:


Helen, I use the latest version of Firefox w/Win10. Ever since one of Microsoft’s updates a few weeks back, my weather app stopped working and my download manager would give me several (4-6) script error messages. Through trial and error, I found I could let most of them continue, but 2 of them I definitely have to stop - or Firefox just hangs. Bad Microsoft!
Oh, I don’t seem to be having any problem at all. :thinking:


Don’t know if it’s just that I haven’t found anything yet, but after checking out over 100 random “Jump to” images all over the map last night I have really found anything to tag. Swimming pools are clean and clear looking, streets clean, tidy and undisturbed looking; even this link shows a lakes’ water feature up and running on the golf course :confused:

I appreciate why that’s a good thing; just wondering if anyone else has found anything different?


Now this is a new feature I’ve not noticed before… image …while searching the map it just popped when I next clicked the “Jump to…” button :smiley: Good idea though :wink:


Scratch that, it was just me accidentally hitting the “Share this location” button next to it :blush: Dozy me :roll_eyes:


But never mind that for now, I’ve taken a break and used @claus’s link to another map for now. I’m sure I’ll go back to the other one later :wink:


@Mel_Nod @Helen technical issue as I see it, the sow load of the campaign, is because we have to still load the old map tags,