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This looks like a truck, except up close. Your thoughts?


Could be one of those electric trucks with the bucket arm on it…


Good point, @Kelly_H I’m down in agricultural fields. I haven’t seen any vehicles near roads, except for this one and one further “south”. Wondering how to tell if vehicles were / are waterlogged, or just new traffic venturing out?


Hi there… just got on to this… and was already taking an eye break after lots of clouds…

Kelly_H suggests a boom bucket lift… possible…

I zoomed in a bit and thought about it… I think it is a truck mounted excavator… the bucket hanging over the cab a bit is what sold me on that… I think it is a bit south for an oil well maintenance and service unit, but they also are similar, but lack the bucket…



A good question… and hard to be fully accurate… however…

The road itself looks clean… as do the shoulders and the grass along the sides… only place I see muddy water is over to the left and that doesn’t show to have run over the road… Truck is in the proper driving lane going ‘south’ as you call it. IF the road was flooded most trying to get through would be trying to follow the ‘guide’ line up the middle if they could see it… we’re not looking through clean water either there is no ‘wake’ from the wheels. I say it is driving normally, probably to go to work on something or other.
Just an opinion.


I think Doug is right. I used to run a Gradall 440XL. We had 3 interchangeable buckets for it, a wide smooth edge ditching bucket, a wide toothed bucket and a narrow toothed bucket for trenching. The boom sits on a cradle just behind the cab and the bucket hangs out in front of it. (That was my favorite toy! :heart_eyes:) The length of the vehicle looks too long to be a usual “cherry picker” or lift bucket truck - even the 65 foot ones. This does look more like a two-section telescopic boom. Now if we could only be allowed the resolution to see what the driver has sitting on the dash, then we’d really be in our glory! :heart_eyes:


Think I’ll leave you down there…up there in the clouds cagey; was on that one last night so I’m taking a breaking on less cloud covered map this morning whilst I can :wink:


I knew you guys would recognize what it was. I thought it looked like an empty coal car from a train (my bias since I grew up in coal country), but no RR in sight.


My turn for a, perhaps dumb, question… but would be helpful…

I’ve noticed in ‘chatter’ on the site… that there are more than one map set (I call them ‘strips’ that include all the photo tiles in that strip)… some of the first I noticed were in your 'how to get back offering. I finally got to them by changing my browser for Tomnod searches… Chrome now and it’s much better speed wise.
Anyway I diverge… Have you got a list of map sets available… I can see the date and time stamps change.
but like you I start out and get corners for landmarks… usually the SE and NE corners… in fact I found your truck early on… and where it was in Texas in fact… I now have three sets of corners to work and that should keep me more than busy since I’m also keeping busy with wildfires locally… fire season finally got here. And last night we had a dang meteor fly over and come down to the northwest… sheesh.
Anyway I’m collecting my own mapset list, maybe you or other can help. Oh forgot… I’m also transfering the corners to google earth as I can find time… nice to know what you are looking at… I also found a good example of trucks with bow waves today on the version mapset at hand. I’ll get a picture for you or two and stick that into the other 'how can you tell from earlier.



Hi Doug,
Tomnod provides us with the maps and as far as we volunteers go, we have never seen a “list” of them. The only way, it seems, that map sets change are 1) when either there are enough people working on a particular map or 2) when we’re close to finishing one map and some click on “Go to priority area.” Only one other way I’ve seen is when someone who is working on a different map set posts a link to something about it. That way you can click on that link and go to that map set - and stay there if you so desire.
Hope this helps.



Please contact @Mel_Nod before adding Tomnod images or URLs to Google Earth. It may be okay with them, but you should ask.

I’m unsure what you mean by more than 1 map? There is the old and current. Both are accessed in the map platform at the bottom, right. Tomnod provides these on every tag campaign.

What do you mean about “found your truck…and where it was in Texas in fact” ? This does not sound like anything concerning Tomnod or DigitalGlobe.

Tomnod Mod


Sounds like he’s talking about Google Earth’s Street View truck?


Nothing to worry Tomnod with… I simply identify the corners using the images and draw my own box of the outside edges using the polygon tool in GE… nothing goes anywhere but on MY computer. and it would be my drawing not anything by Tomnod if it managed to… All the stuff used is provided by GE with tools they provide… I just use my eyes and noggin… to provide the location after looking, which is what we are here from…

As for mapsets… there have been at least three and I’m currently working the one after the so called cloud map… but I’m still there a bit. I know of two dated the 31st of August with different times and locations thus two sets of corners… there may be more of course which is why I asked… guessing is hard to do. so I’ve just making my own list as I find / notice them… I said it was only of interest to me…

When I mentioned "your truck’’ I was referring to the question you asked in this forum… and by finding it I only meant that I had looked at that tile in my own search and recognized it… If this isn’t fitting, why did you ask the question here in the first place… By the way, it was driving over by Austwell I think it was called… just a bit southwest… not that that matters.


Ah - that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying for me. :smiley:


Come one cagey wake up…even I remember what truck @Doug4 was talking about :laughing:
You are off in the clouds again aren’t you :cloud::tornado:

Don’t worry @Doug4 all sorts of “Point of Interest” are posted and discussed on here and are perfectly fitting and indeed welcomed :wink: :grin:


No, it did not occur to me. I’ve had more than a few ‘real life’ bad things going on here. Sorry if I’m a bit ‘off’. I apologize.


Sometimes wish I was the other side of the “pond” to be able to offer help…


This was the question I gave an answer to in 5/17 of this forum… Later I said I would post an example, and here it is…

From https://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2107/map/1m4hx21y4o


There are many other examples along that roadway especially interesting to the left (west).
Also pay attention to the road itself, Lane lines are visible in some places (shallow) or gone (deep).
Off to the side, often reallly dark,and that is the shoulder. The ditches much the same.
As I said in another topic, observation of the images for context often resolves questions regarding any given area. I can’t help being a SAR instructor and other things that are helpful.


That second vehicle looks like a water beetle that I see swimming and diving under water in ponds and streams. The two dark straight lines coming from the “head” is why I immediately thought of them. :smiley: