H. Harvey - serious and silly sights


I never knew farmlands grew big mushrooms like on tree bark…




Love the layout of this, the paw prints are quite eye-catching from above… childrens’ play area?


Cagey! Told you needed to tread lightly on the wet grass!


Is it just me, or does anyone who remembers the Houston Construction campaign (last year I think) feel the “need” to start tagging part-built houses while looking at the images? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, it’s another cloud-free area for folks to search in!


Think this is a plane, it looks too large for the usual sunlight flash…


Hey! The tail looks like it’s falling off and only being held by the hydraulic lines! :rofl:


Cagey’s backyard! :smile_cat:


Looks like the transponder “squawked.” The pilot wanted to make sure we saw him. :sunglasses:
When I first saw that last night I did a double-take. My split-second thought was, “is this an explosion?” After that I figured it was just a reflection combined with a satellite anomaly and went to bed - early. (Actually got 6-1/2 hours in last night instead of 3-1/2 to 4 hours.)


Jim, Yes I agree that it most probably a satellite lens refraction issue. I usually just ignore them.


For the good ones I take a screenshot. :sunglasses:


Another plane


That’s a heck of a place to land a plane! :rofl: The shadow is so close and nearly beneath the plane it makes it appear to be sitting on the ground. :wink:


LOL, that’s kind of what I thought as well!
I figured I was probably near one of the airports - it’s either just about to land or just taken off. Can’t quite see the landing gear to tell… :wink:


And a light aircraft, probably private, in the old imagery here

Hope it wasn’t parked there when the flood waters rose… this is the “now” picture


Here’s a cartoon box character. I just wish it was facing the camera!
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_cartoon box character


Manual :heart: time, I’ve run out again!:roll_eyes::rofl:


A bear puppet on a stick.
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_bear puppet on a stick


I seem to be finding a lot of planes today…
This one flying over a flooded area.


Yea! You got your hearts back! (for a while)