H. Harvey - serious and silly sights


Kind of hard NOT to fly over a flooded area. :frowning_face:


It’s graciously given me a few back! How many, I’m not sure - just waiting for the next message telling me I have to wait xx hours! :wink:


True. I’m glad the server doesn’t ration the tags like it seems to ration :heart:, else I’d have run out of tags a long while ago.


As well as everyone else, especially @claus.


The electric company, after installing two transmission towers, must have changed their mind and decided on a different route? In the before photo, the two towers (no lines) are clearly visible. In the after photo, no sign of the towers. :thinking:

Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_towers_after


Geese in flight? (from older imagery)


And yet another plane, complete with 3 colour (UK spelling… color if you prefer :wink:) ghost


Here is the “after” photo. All the small planes are being taken out of their hangers. In the “before” photo they were all absent from view. The airstrip is a grass strip.


Here’s a sad face in the field. (after photo)
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_sad face


Another “pawprint” :paw_prints:


This aircraft could be on final approach.


Here’s a short airstrip!


This stood out and the very first impression I had was of a dead mouse! :smile:
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_dead mouse


Raiding my stockpile?

:sniff: Uhm, on second thought, feel free to take or give away… maybe tag as the French word “Garr–barge”.


It belly does seem to be slightly breaking down (polite way of saying “rotting”). :smirk:


I thought that * ------------------------------- * was a helicede, you know, a very stretched out helicopter.


Helen, I also thought birds. And, there are many of these dot images in this campaign.
But what about those plastic buoy chain thingies they put across ponds?


Nah, they’re definitely geese. They wouldn’t put those “plastic buoy chain thingies” over land like that; what would be the point!?


You can almost read the clock in this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One formation is the standard “V” that geese subscribe to :thinking:, another is a loosely-formed vee (darned rebel geese :upside_down_face:, and of course there’s always those who woke up late and are rushing to get to the rest of the flock! :smirk: