H. Harvey - serious and silly sights


I don’t think that’s land. ?


I thought the bit at the bottom of the picture was land, that’s what made me think of geese when I saw it, along with the haphazard V formations… There’s 3 Vs over the water (along with a few random white blobs) and one over the greenery at the lower edge of the pic.

Just loved :heart: this description - and I can’t think of anything better to call them! :thinking:


Oh I think it’s land of a sort cagey…it’s an island :wink:
This is it zoomed out to -2, the geese (or whatever birds they are) are circled in red and that’s green water surrounding it. It looks like land to me; it’s got trees growing on it an everythin :confused:


Actually zoomed out like that it looks more like an eel now :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw my sister’s house and luckily did not have to tag it😅
But I know she has leaks in the walls and has to tear out some walls.
There is a lot more damage like that that we won’t see on these maps. :slightly_frowning_face:


:anguished: wow, that must have been distressing for you :hugs:


Yes there is. I’m sure there are hundreds of homes that have flooded basements (They do have basements, don’t they? Or are they like homes in Florida - sitting on blocks?) - something else we wouldn’t be able to see.




Another plane


Not quite sure how to describe this, but it looks a bit like a flower head to me

http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2107/map/1m4hx1wy4k (old imagery)


Definitely a skein of geese flying this time - the green strip to the right is the hedge/border of a flooded field.


Or a butterfly wing!

Oh oh! I just got a message from the forum software. I guess I talk too much, whether it be posting or replying to posts! :slightly_frowning_face:
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Completely disregarding the software’s previous message, I’m still posting the big black spider I found about ready to cross the road! I know they say that everything is big in Texas, but this is a little overboard! :open_mouth:
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_spider crossing the road

And here’s an awful angry building! :neutral_face:
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_angry building


Reminds me of a Poppy or a ghostly apparition :smiley:


shock I know my mum always said that everything’s big in the States but this just takes the biscuit :open_mouth: Better not let my daughter see that one :scream:

Actually it does “look” like the one in our bedroom :thinking:
My hubby came downstairs the other night and said to me “there’s a “huge” spider on the bedroom wall, what do you want doing with it” :roll_eyes: confused2
Fortunately our daughter had her headphones on at the time so hadn’t heard him. I got a glass and card and went up to take it out. Ok it was bigger than normal for a house spider but we had been warned they would be bigger this year due to the mild weather we’ve been having. I got it in the glass and took it down; our son suddenly wants to see and immediately is off to taunt his sister over it whilst I put the spider out in the rain :roll_eyes:


LOL, I’ve had that message a few times now - including typing THIS one! I just click the cross in the bottom corner to ignore it, and carry on regardless… :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nor me! :scream: Not a fan… :wink:


Another plane, looks a bit smaller than the usual “jumbos”, maybe a large private jet?


Has anyone got any ideas what the blue thing in the middle of this screenshot is? I’m intrigued… :thinking:


I found that one recently… Did you guys check the before photo… as you should when faced with an oddity.?

That plane is on the ground, in a field… both images… ha hah! But that happens a lot with old planes once stripped of parts… might even be the reason it is there. Lots of ‘parters’ in the US…