H. Harvey - serious and silly sights


Ah but the forum software doesn’t know anything about us and how we work on here; you gave it an hour before posting after Helen that’s more than adaquet. Between you and me I think it has aspirations of being bigger and more famous than Facebook or Twitter :rofl:


The plane is actually on the side of George Bush Intercontinental Airport Doug. I started started searching round that link because I was curious as to what all those cars would be doing there in the “before” map. Go down 2 tiles and you are on runway.


I’m not entirely sure about that… it seems to be on a building lot… and the size and shape is similar to other homes in the area… also something about the positioning on that lot… I suspect that the area doesn’t lend itself to basements either… so my considered opinion ( often incorrect ), is that it is blue polytarp(s) covering forms for a ‘slab on grade’ house foundation… maybe even with concrete poured… but something that doesn’t like heavy rain… If you look at it, there are three clear faces on the ‘top’ side and to cover that, you would use three tarps… set for minimum seams exposed to the wind… and rain… but as I said it’s a guess on that.
Blue plastic or poly tarp almost for sure… no commitment on what is underneath other than it wants protecting… hope that helps… Back in my youth… way back we did that for swimming pool excavations and sewer pipe trenches… or you come back to no excavation when the walls collapse… just a big pond.


My daughter-in-law hates spiders and screams when she sees one. You can’t even understand what she is trying to say! :laughing: Eva, her 3-year old will run into the bathroom, grab a tissue and run up to her saying, “it’s okay mommy, I’ll get it for you!” :rofl:


I know from the comic book, TV series and movies that there a “Bat Signal” that gets beamed into the sky, but I found a “Birdman Signal” on the ground.
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_Bat signal


Giant lawn ornament or alien portal? I’d put my money on the latter - especially since E.T. is standing there looking out! :rofl:
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_alien star


I saw a big blurry hole in Irma’s island. Maybe TX is the exit? You remember Men in Black, right? Looked like TX.


Frozen in time: And for those who think I’m full of hot air :innocent::roll_eyes:, In the “before” photo, I found a hot air balloon in the process of being filled up on a golf course - and NO, that’s not me blowing all that hot air! Ah, Bob (@AKE235)? :rofl: Cast a nice shadow also! Now the only problem is that it also appears in the newest photo - 2-1/2 years later - and it’s still in the same position and casting the same shadow. :confused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_hot air balloon being filled-emptied

And here is a Chihuahua peaking out from under a roof. It does pay to be small sometimes. :grin:
(This is higher up from the “hot air balloon.” You can’t miss it as it’s color stands out. (also in “before” phot.)

Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_chijuajua

And yes, I know it’s not really a hot air balloon, but a sand trap with a depression near it. I did say it was on a golf course, didn’t I? :wink:


Here’s a cute little animal with a very wide bushy tale.
Tomnod_Hurricane Harvey_a cute animal with bushy tale


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H. Irma - Silly images

A square emerald for @EmeraldEyes and friends

H. Irma - Silly images
H. Irma - Silly images