H. Irma - Alphabet letters


Anyone need a W

H. Irma - Silly images

@AKE235 What were you doing on an Island in '85? I see your "B"


Darn!. You found one of my hiding places!

Is there anyplace on earth, a panda can hide and nibble on his cheeto’s in private? :frowning:




This is odd… the letter “t” (lower case Times-Roman) on a roof. The “J” is in the dirt to the right and down from the same house. Anyone know a “TJ” or Thomas James?
Tomnod_Hurricane Irma_letter J & T


Well Jim, ‘Thomas Jefferson’ comes to mind. How about ‘TJirebon’, Seaport, Northern Java, Indonesia?


I was thinking more along the line of first and middle names. We do have a neighbor whose son is named Thomas James.
I just finished framing a finger painting my 3-yr old granddaughter made - 2 more to go! :laughing: Maybe I’ll use these letter collections as an inspiration and create a giant letter “E” and fill that up with her artwork! Then I’ll have to do the same for my 5-yr old granddaughter - “O” - or else she’ll feel left out. I still a little have time before I’d have to do the letter “B” for the 3-1/2 month old. :wink: But if I don’t do it soon and store it, I’ll probably never get around to doing it. Not something I’d want to put off for too long. :rofl:


No don’t put it off for too long Jim. I started an embroidery piece (of a dog wrapped in towel after bath with bones bordering it) for my sons’ bedroom wall when he was born, it still sits in its frame waiting for me to finish that last bone. At this rate it should be ready in time for the first grandchild :laughing: That should give me about another 20 years to finish it…if he follows in his parents footsteps and leaves it till late to marry and start a family :sweat_smile:


Someone must have known we’d be watching… here’s the letters “t”“n”!
Tomnod_Hurricane Irma_letter T N


Here’s a nice letter M.
Tomnod_Hurricane Irma_letter M


Capital C, futuristic font

And for completeness seeing as I posted in the other topic, here’s the J (for Jim, of course)
http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2118/map/1m9rxvy20 (old image better than new, it’s there in both)


Either XJC or TJC


Who’s that person in the blue sitting on the grass? Is that you Helen?


Nah, not me! Couldn’t possibly have been… :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: “Wrong” side of the “pond”…


This stylised letter P caught my eye when I zoomed out


Nice! Adding it to my collection. Now I just realized that by doing this, I have one more things added to my “to do” list - go through, crop, rotate and resize all of these letters and numbers. Oh well, a little at a time and I shouldn’t get more than 5 years behind! :wink:


Jim, I think the crowning jewel to your alphanumeric collection would be the complete Greek alphabet. Let’s see, That’s Alpha to Omega, right? :panda_face: - bob


Oh come on now! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bob, that sounds like a challenge! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can’t resist - I’ll keep an eye out… :eyes:


Here’s a “Y” for the collection - choice of two!