H. Irma - boat heaps


@Mel_Nod Can we use the Heap tag for a whole mess of boats piled atop each other?
:sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :speedboat: :canoe:


You could always tag each one - and think of the boats as being tires like we talked about on another thread. :roll_eyes::rofl:


@cageycat if it looks like the boats are no longer going to be boats, you should!


I challenge you, Jim, to mark the boat piles, one by one… LOL-- oh ya, we did that one by one stuff in Hong Kong. tag tag :hong_kong: Remember? I got lots of fish in that campaign. And played on yachts. Whee hee!


How many boats constitutes a pile? I’ve seen individual boats upside down and a few sunk or partially submerged. Should I keep a separate running tally and report my score periodically? :rofl: One… two… three… four… :roll_eyes::grin:


I tagged one underwater. Eh, unusable.


I remember Hong Kong very well.

Matter of fact, it reminded me of ‘umbrella dude’ trying to send a water bottle to the lady in the red, white and blue kayak. Not sure if the lady even got the water…


I think she dropped the bottle into the water. :laughing:


Oh, NO!! What a minute, now. Was the bottle full or empty? Been having problems with her getting a full bottle. Seems, like those ‘Good Samaritans’ are thirsty was well.