H. Irma Campaign Now Posted


Dear tomnod volunteers,
I have posted the Hurricane Irma campaign to www.tomnod.com. Goals are similar to the Harvey campaign, and data will be posted to Open Data.

I will post this to tomnod facebook/twitter after a couple of you have had a chance to test it out. Thank you as always for your help!


going to bed; have a great time. Nodders


Working OK so far for me! Covered around 100 tiles so far (a lot of them cloud) and sadly already placed 64 tags…

“Jump to” button working OK at the moment, but it’s got plenty of undiscovered map to choose from.
Zoom OK for me up to -4. -5 was a step too far (I zoomed out that far by accident) then had to wait while Chrome sorted itself out!

Imagery is a bit hazy in places, obviously from the cloud (nothing Tn can do anything about!), just makes it difficult to see whether the building is damaged or not.


@Helen thank you for testing. I was especially interested to hear about your experience after the issues on Harvey. This is sounding good so far!


I’ve not placed many tags so far! (Not compared with Harvey…) I suspect once the larger numbers get going, it will slow down (for me, at least). It normally does on the larger Tn campaigns.

I’ve probably noticed the problems more / complained about it more because I have more time on my hands at the moment, so have been placing tags every time I’ve sat down at the computer!


Me thinks Cagey was up all night. Hope you here from/about your sister when you wake up. :hugs:


Long Irma map

Left and right overview.


Do those two map chunks overlap? The cloud patterns on the left of the bottom image look very similar to the mid/right of the top image.

I’ve also had a browse on Google Maps and believe this area is the North West of the Dominican Replublic. Top right of the first image being El Morro de Montecristi (https://goo.gl/maps/1cUR5EYvhvz)


Yes I couldny have it on one picture, too long map.


Ah ok, that makes sense now! I thought it was two different segments which overlapped!


the lens distortion is normal? (this isn’t a issue per se, i’m asking just for curiosity)


I’ve seen that before a few times. I’ve always assumed that it was where two individual images were stitched together…


As Helen says and also it looks kinda dark because of the shadow from the clouds :slight_smile:


Helen, if this is an example of the size of some of the maps (the one @claus posted being an exception) then maybe you won’t have too much trouble with it slowing down :wink:


I’ve been flitting around a bit! Some of the maps are smaller, some are larger. Doesn’t seem to make much difference to speed at this early stage of the campaign, it only seems to slow down when I’ve looked at lots of tiles and placed lots of tags. (1.84k tags so far :anguished: and I’ve only looked at 780 tiles.)


This Island is actually the Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Google Map co-ordinates: 18.486953, -64.388773


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Sometimes there may be something that gets between the satellite camera and the ground which distorts the data stream. We’ve seen this in a few other campaigns - most notably in the SAR for the Colorado mountain climber. Trees and a some mountain sides were stretched or elongated. Sometimes it’s from an atmospheric disturbance. There’s really nothing that can be done. What we usually do is pass on that stretched area, otherwise we’d be spending a lot of time - and straining our eyes - trying to find things in that. Sometimes when the satellite comes back around the earth it gets a clearer shot and Tomnod will update the data/photo map, but that’s not too often unless there was an excessive amount of cloud cover on the original satellite pass (as in the Hurricane Harvey campaign. Alas, the satellites’ cameras are at the mercy of Mother Nature and her clouds.


Has anyone told you lately that you are a genius? I think you came up with what was happening to me last night. Streetcchhed. Only I couldn’t remember which campaign it was.


Hello all,
Our first round of Hurricane Irma (Caribbean, DR, Puerto Rico) has been posted as Vector Data here: https://www.digitalglobe.com/opendata/hurricane-irma/vector-data

This is a .geojson file, which can be opened by applications like ArcMap (if you have access) or open source options like QGIS.

We are continuing to add imagery to the campaign, including FL.