H. Irma - Can we drop out Blocked Bridge for "massive damage"?



Seems we need a huge tag for “massive area of damage”. Tagging every “it WAS a house one upon a time” is going to get overwhelming. Haven’t seen any bridges yet, so maybe we don’t need that as much?

The “heaps” tag could be bigger if it won’t slow the platform down.

Oh, and, can we tag trash heaps floating in water? (yep, I did already :wink:


Agree. Massive damage in many places.
Also all green areas are now brown. Is this from water or wind damage and what is the implication for tagging nearby buildings that may be intact. Were these buildings flooded?



Seem to remember us making that request in a previous campaign many moons ago :thinking: And it was a no go then. Best to just in the Oldest map in that situation as I’ve been doing already :wink:


Most likely that’s the case. I still remember the shock of that when we tagged the Vanuatu campaign after Cyclone Pam struck back in 2015; whole islands stripped bare of forestry, buildings completely wiped out. Hard to know where they even stood :frowning:


image What should we tag boats as :thinking:


That is where I used trash heap, especially when piled onto each other in corners near slips or on land.


Thanks cagey, I’ve switch it to Trash as well :wink:



Just realized no one answered you. I look for pieces of missing buildings-- a roof corner, different coloring (missing piece), or imploded buildings that are in mini-pieces. On the islands for Irma, where we are now, look for wind sheer damage first. Use your best judgment for anything else. Don’t worry if some tags seem like you are guessing—if our guesses match, we get data.


Oops . . . . well I did answer part of Wilms question . . . . so we didn’t completely ignore it :blush:


Yikes, sorry Em. I missed seeing your post.

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Think I’m all caffined out for the now thanks cagey, think I’m gonna take a break and finish hemming curtains now :wink:
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Hi all,
Thanks for your work on this campaign. It’s heartbreaking that there is so much damage.

As for those areas with quite a bit of damage, try to tag individual houses as best you can. It will give us a good idea of total home/road damage from this hurricane. Of course the idea of crowdsourcing is that many hands make light labor. Don’t feel that you need to tag every every everything in an image - there will be many along before and after you to clean up.


LOL, sorry Mel, I’m a bit of a perfectionist! :wink: If it’s on a tile I’m looking at and needs tagging, providing that the tag isn’t too close, I’ll mark it. I’d also rather mark something that catches my eye and be wrong, than not mark it and something gets missed…


I understand, Helen! You are a dedicated nodder!!