H. Irma - Florida - FREE Rorschach Cloud Tests!


Tomnod, in cooperation with Mother Earth, has become the BEST projective testing!

Come and get your own gray, black, or white cloud-- or, creamy swirled! The test reveals individual quirkiness and imagination. ANYONE can play!!

Oooooo… pretty!


Yeah, float away

Ut oh… giant alligator face

Has to be a giant blob fish


Not heaven but beside it

Mary had a little lamb (bottom)

Giant Dog sniffing the clouds

Houses in the sky-- with pink diamonds!

Giant Owl



I was wondering whether to post this in the silly images section or here and decided in favor of the latter. Had a laughing fit when I saw your post since the same thought struck me looking at funny patterns for hours earlier.

So what could this be? A person with a rather big nose looking at a cat with a collar?


:heart_eyes: Poohbear image that’s Poohbear and it looks like he’s wrapped in a green towel. Probably got a real good soaking out there How the heck did get all the way over there? :astonished: I know he’s a polar bear but still, I can’t imagine he swam all the way over there from the UK…that’s a mighty big pond :cold_sweat: Cripes, if my son hears of this he’ll go nuts Panic2

Actually he’s more likely to go nuts if he ever discovers I mentioned this panic



Well . . . . he is 16yrs after all :smirk: :laughing:


A red-eyed being with red horns “eyeing” green bacteria for lunch. And to the right there’s a Pac Man ghost.

Tomnod_Antarctica_red-eyed being eyeing green bacteria_Pac Man ghost