H. Irma - Florida - Wouldn't this scare you?


Park & Eat-- Would you exit your car so close to alligator parking!??


I bet they have signs reading “Don’t Feed The Gators”! :rofl:


Hey now, don’t be talking bad about Park and Eats. My first job was a Carhop at a Park and Eat (Simmons Park and Eat), Gulfport, Ms. I was 13years old. I started off at 32 cents an hour. I waited on vehicles (cars, trucks, semis’ and
Sheriff Justis’ personal cruiser). (I swear, that was his name). He was not related to Sheriff Buford P Justus from ‘Smoky and The Bandit’ films. Although, this cop sorta kinda looked like the Jackie Gleason character, short and dumpy with a mustache.
Back to topic. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to wear roller-skates. The ladies had to wear them though. Worked from 5pm to midnight, Monday thru Thurs. 5pm to 1am on Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to midnight. This was in the mid '60s, so no child labor laws, nor overtime laws yet.


You mean “Eat & Park”? Sis worked at our local EP.


Anyone else notice how he never said how long ago that was? :thinking::rofl:


LOL, yes he did! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


AKE is well over 100.


Speaking of… You know the guy in Jurassic Park and in Independence Day? Anyone notice in both movies he says “Must go faster!”


Park & Eat was a local dive, located at the Junction of State Highway 49 and US Highway 90 in Gulfport, MS. I worked there from '65 to '67.


Ok, you got me. Can’t hide behind Panda anymore. I was born in 7878698787877. Little Pan get off the keyboard, Dang you.


I stayed in Gulfport for awhile at the Navy base. Loved going out to the off shore islands and laying on the beach watching the birds fly over. Our house was totally wiped out by a hurricane a few years later and it was three or four blocks inland from the beach!


I lived 2 blocks from the beach. Giving my age again, but I was there when Hurricane Betsy hit in 1965. We had to evacuate to the air base until the all clear. Aside for some tree limbs, the house pretty much went unscathed. I left about a year later and moved to the island of Bermuda . I know; rough place to live, but Hey, what can I say. Speaking of rough, the sports curriculum of the High School I attended mandated that British sports had to be included. You can imagine how the Americans fared with their British counterparts playing rugby? Not well!


I meant to say Bob never came out with a specific year (age), just “generalized.” I guess everyone does that… my wife was 29 for what I swear was about 15 years. Then she was 30 for about 5 years. She did this for so long, I had to figure out how old I was in order to figure out how she was. She’s 2 months younger than I, but since I stopped caring about how old I was when I was in my 40s, I always had to stop and figure out my age when asked. Some people thought I was a little slow. :roll_eyes: If they only knew! :rofl: At one time I could tell people how old I was in days instead of years. And since I plan on living to 102, I would tell them how many days I had left - unless my wife got tired of my nonsense and corny sense of humor and put me out of my misery. :hushed:


That’s cool! I have a brother born the same year!


Ah, C+2, I figure that might be a good juncture in which to find one’s Fortress of Solitude, sit back and gaze at the cosmos.


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Was that BC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: run


Say Em,

BC? You mean Before Computers??

No excuses from me. Little Pan was walking on the keyboard while I was responding to the forum. I had full intention to enter the year of my birth before her ‘Tiptoe through The Tulips’ debut. The year I was born is 7878698785925lkxierhf


I do give up trying to keep folks on topic lololololol. Even get me off topic. sheesh!

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Stern Cat, MEW!


:hushed: Say @Jim7…finally :smiley: we’ve managed to corrupt cagey :astonished:
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