H. Irma - missing family(ies)


Keys is bad.

JAX flooding - Still can’t locate my sister. :frowning: Not listed on Red Cross family locator.

Hurricane Irma Cat 5

Keep on trying, Cagey. You’ll find her safe and sound - after a lot of frustrating and anxious attempts. Some places have so many evacuees they may not have contact info for them. Praying for you and your sister. :hugs:


Isn’t there any onsite manager/owner/sister site/head office you could contact, who may know the whereabouts of their residents Cagey? Praying for you both :pray:


I don’t know if it has a name, or if they try to make it look like just apartments. I only have the address, which online shows it as a “multi-family” residence with
54 beds ; 89 baths; 459,627 sq ft; on a 40.06 acres lot

Our 3rd sister is trying to reach the eldest sister’s son, also in JAX area. She’ll either be with him or in a shelter–somewhere.


Oh how frustrating for you :hugs: Stay calm and don’t stress too much, they may just be caught up in the mayhem and distress of it all themselves and just not had the time to consider phoning round to reassure others just yet. Give it a day or so and you’ll see, they’ll all be just fine please god.:hugs::hugs:


Just can’t deal with another loss… and right now, she feels ‘lost’. :frowning:


She’s not lost Cagey, it’s just a matter of waiting it out. It must be sooo distressing for you, but you need to stay positive, no news is good news!!! And she won’t thank you for making yourself ill with worry in the meantime, that won’t do her any good either now would it? You stay strong and remain positive, she’s just temporarily out of touch. I just heard on Sky News that parts of Florida Keys have reopened and getting about, starting on the big cleanup I’m sure you’ll hear from her or will be able to get through to her any time now. Stay strong Cagey :hugs:


I hope you have heard from family, and they are ok.
My daughter was evacuated to St. Croix. Her flight was to go out on Thursday. But now postponed to Sunday.
Everything she had is gone. Home, possessions, job. All she has is a backpack . Things are hairy there. Just wish they would find ways to transport people faster.


Sadly, in these situations, I’m sure the authorities’ first priorities are to tend to the injured and rescue people from beneath rubble, setting up a communications system, etc… Of course getting people out of the devastated areas is too, but air strips/ports have to be cleared, emergency supplies brought in, etc… I’m sure many resources are being used to help people find their relatives - before arranging transportation for them. Remember… hospitals/clinics may be non-existent now and those needing attention get first priority for flights out. I’m sure your daughter will be alright… it’ll just take a little longer. Have patience and faith. :hugs:


Any news yet cagey, still praying everything is going to be alright with here :wink: :pray:


At least 8 dead after Irma leaves Florida nursing home with no A/C

No word about my sister.


Yes I saw that on the news last night…and again this morning :frowning:

And that’s a Nursing home, not “Assisted living”, there is a difference, so don’t go catastrophizing. You got to stay positive or you’ll just make yourself ill…and then your sister will be giving you grief :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Hang in there Cagey and stay strong and phone her son again :wink: :hugs::hugs:


I stated 2 facts. …“catastrophizing”?


Aw sorry cagey, I know they’re facts, I’m trying to keep you hopes and spirits up. Unless, is that the home you’re sister is in :open_mouth:


I was trying to stop the Discourse Forum nag screen to not post separately. So I stated the 2 facts on my mind…

8 people died in a FL nursing home where staff let pts bake with no AC and 105F heat outside, with a hospital right across the street.

Still no word about my sister. Last I saw, JAX is still flooded. The Mayor had people wave white towels from windows to get rescued, because the city along the river flooded rapidly.