H. Irma - No British Aid for "too wealthy" islands


Britain cannot use £13bn aid budget to help islands hit by Hurricane Irma because they are ‘too wealthy’

Caption: This photo shows storm damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Virgin Gorda’s Leverick Bay in the British Virgin Islands. AP
See http://nypost.com/2017/09/13/hurricane-irma-turned-this-tiny-island-into-a-wasteland/

Caption: This photo shows storm damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in St. John’s Caneel Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands.AP

Don’t forget damage to boats, slips, or piers in the water–


Oh my, I hope this is wholly untrue. (Irony: Always sleep with a copy of your birth certificate and maximum traveling cash in water-proof bag pasted against your chest.)

US Virgin Islands refusing entry to non-American Irma evacuees, survivors say
Authorities on US Virgin Islands reportedly turning away boats arriving from British Virgin Islands, facing devastation in hurricane’s aftermath


On the Dutch side:

“You listen to the radio. You call. But nobody comes,” said Leroy Webb, a resident of St. Maarten, which is the Dutch part of the island. The French side of the island is St. Martin.
“I even don’t know how long it will take before people here get food. This morning, my wife was making soup with just two potatoes in it. We have nothing to eat,” he told CNN affiliate RTL Netherlands. - Quoted from http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/13/americas/irma-impact-caribbean/index.html


Excuse the language but, Jesus H Christ, what the hell has money got to do with saving people from starving to death and dying of thirst. So what if they’re “Wealthy”, right there, right now they can’t eat or drink cash, can they!? Think our governments have a seriously warped interpretation of the meaning of “Humanitarian” aid :angry:


This is exactly one of the reasons why I always tell people be careful of who you vote in! But I’ll bet you my bottom dollar and your bottom pound that somehow aid will flow to the big businesses that have found a home there. The money will flow in, but just not to those who really are in need of it. :pensive:


It reminds me of the Haiti earthquake when aid was blocked from some countries and not from others. Then it all sat in a pile (temporary depot on a grassy location) and didn’t get distributed immediately.


Sad but true. :frowning:


AMEN!!! You and Jim right on the money.


Jim, with our last elections we didn’t have much of a choice of who we voted in, it was a case of we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t. What we got, will be used as the scape goat, the sacraficial lamp so to speak should Brexit go pear shaped :smirk: On a positive note, she was the only one in her party with gonads to step up to the plat to take this on and that’s what I admire about her. But hey, that might change yet :wink: