H. Irma - Not found anything to tag yet...was this area untouched?


I’ve been on this map for nearly 2 hours randomly jumping scrolling around all over it and not found anything to tag other than a random short stretch of road out in the middle of nowhere…probably drained away by now :confused: And certainly haven’t seen any signs of obvious flooding when I’ve zoomed out…unless that’s because I’ve just zoomed too far out :neutral_face:

It’s not that I’m complaining, this is good and a blessing if these people were spared. Just wondering if I should persevere a little longer or use one of cageys links in her H. Irma - Restart URLs post :slightly_frowning_face:


Go a little to the right and a little down.


Ah great, thanks claus, and here I’d only just moved up to the top right corner of the map :roll_eyes: :smile:

And yep, they’re definitely flooded :frowning:


Yeah, Me Too! Have found some downed trees but that’s it. This seems to be an area of enormous fields and groves with damn few houses.


Hard Hit Island.