H. Irma - Old images and new images


I noticed when comparing old images to new images that some buildings were destroyed back in 1/1/2015 and are still the same today. When I see that a building or group of buildings were destroyed back in 2015 and are still destroyed today, I assume I should not tag those building?


Hi Longshot. That is a good question. I too have seen what you say, as well as houses that look like they were in the process of being rebuilt - bundles of wood, roofing material, etc. sitting around. (Of course you can’t make out exactly what they are, but the light brown to yellow would indicate lumber.) As far as what I am doing, I’m still tagging them as damaged/flooded since all that rain and wind will still have damaged anything under repair - same for new construction not yet completed. I think if we tag them as such, it will still give authorities an accurate number of homes and buildings that have sustained damage. Tag away unless @Mel_Nod tells us differently.


:confounded: Darn it Jim I’ve been ignoring them ones…never thought of that :roll_eyes: Oh well, no way am I going back to tag them now, besides I’d have to try and find them first :cold_sweat: :rofl:


I found this area and was drawn to the heart shape in the foreground, Then got to looking about and hit the before, and lo! and behold1 it was a golf course which has obviously been obliterated by storm surge. Wow.

OOps, the heart shape is there it just got cut out of the snippet.


:roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m :rofl: not :rofl: laughing! :rofl::innocent:


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: I am angeldevil4 :grin:


You guys are no help whatsoever! But you are all enormously appreciated… Thanks guys.