H. Irma - Previously visited tiles shown again as "new"


Hello there,

at first I thought it was me seeing ghosts after having searched >15k tiles in the Irma campaign, having “déjà vu”-moments all the time.
Yesterday, I found this giant-like building and made a screenshot of it.

Today, I used the “jump to priority area”-button, was sent to a “blank/new” area again which for some reason looked familiar to me. And then came the giant building.

So my gut feeling was right.
My question now is: how can I avoid searching the same areas all over again, which is ineffective…?

Thanks in advance and many weekend greetings from Germany,


@E-Bear I had exactly the same feeling yesterday. I jumped to a new tile, only to be placed straight onto an airport in one of the Virgin Islands. I remembered this as I’d already completed the entire map and managed to identify the island from the location of the airport.

I thought it might just be me…! :wink:

@Mel_Nod do we have more than one map up in the campaign from the same areas? Would this explain why we are suffering deja-vu?


@Helen Thank you very much for replying so quickly. Makes it easier for me to know that I am not the only one… :wink:


No problem! To be honest, I thought was just me getting tired last night…:upside_down_face:
Hopefully Mel can explain what’s going on… I’m guessing it’s got something to do with getting some better (cloud-free) imagery of the affected areas.


I haven’t been on over the weekend so haven’t experienced this…yet. Just a thought though, could it be newer updated imagery that’s the reason for this? Too late to suggest this I guess but the date stamp down in the bottom right corner should clarify this you E-Bear. I know they’ve recently updated the Hurricane Harvey campaign adding newer images to it, so that could be the case here.


@EmeraldEyes Could be, but I compared some of the pictures and they were exactly the same (didn’t check on the timestamp, though. So thanks for pointing me in that direction!) Will keep my eyes open :sunglasses:


Hello @E-Bear! Welcome to the forum and thank you for being a tomnod volunteer!

When you press “Jump to Priority Area,” tomnod does two things. It first looks for areas where there is disagreement among the crowd, and second, it checks to see if you have been to that area before.

It will only take you to places you’ve already been if you’ve already been to every map in the campaign. In that case, it will take you to the area of greatest disagreement. When you first posted this message, that was likely the case - our search area wasn’t huge and it was 100% searched.

We’ve now added new imagery in the Virgin Islands and Florida, finally, so hopefully you will be seeing all new territory again for a bit.


Hello @Mel_Nod!

Thank you for your friendly message and warm welcome as well as for the very helpful explanation!:smiley: