H. Irma - roof damage or PV tiles?


Area 1ma0x3ya3 to the left side

after after


@shahar Tricky question. In the end, I’d say roof damage. Should it be PV-tiles, though, then even they look damaged (I’ve never seen such a pattern). So either way, in my opinion we are looking at a damaged house.


I’d say those were PV panels. Don’t forget the satellite is looking from a slightly different angle in the before and after pictures, there’s no sign of debris lying around on the ground, and none of the other roofs in the area look damaged.
The pattern of PV panels on the right hand side of the roof is a bit of a giveaway - given the slight variation in angle, it’s the same. The only difference is that the house owner has added some more PV panels to the other side of the roof in between the two satellite pictures being taken.


What is a PV panel? “Post must be 20 characters”… Well, now it is 20 characs. So there!


PV is short for “photo Voltaic”


What does that mean though?


panels generating electricity from sunlight


Ah-- solar panels! That I understand. LOL


:blush: Sorry Cagey, through work I’m so used to calling them PV panels, I didn’t stop to think! :thinking:


You are using the more correct form… Solar Panel can also refer to solar heating collectors. (hot water)


In the US, I’ve only heard about sun-solar-energy, not water.


2 types,
1 make electricity
the other type make warm water.


Being in NE US, people rarely talk about solar. We do have more talk about wind farms.


My DIL was talking about getting a solar heater for the pool. The girls don’t like to go in when the water’s below 82F/27,7C. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: All I know is that the creek, pond and lake waters I swam in as a kid sure as heck wasn’t anywhere near that - especially the lakes. Even by the beginning of September, the lake water was cold enough to keep beer colder than what you’d get from a store cooler. :wink::innocent:
A neighbor down and across the road had a gas heater installed in his pool. Damn near almost turns it into a hot tub instead of a swimming pool. But hey! They can always go swimming in the middle of winter - if they don’t mind the polar bear club experience of getting out and running back to the house! :rofl:


Jim, Reminds me of the Polar Bear Club having a Hot Tub Party with Hot Buttered Rum and/or Hot Toddy’s.