H. Irma - What's this?


Not destruction, just curious: The picture is essentially unchanged, before and after, I think it is in the US based on the major highway construction near by. Wrong shape for Semi trailers and there is grass around the object. Mausoleums? http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2118/map/1m91xgy2s


Same city, here is more of the same. http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2118/map/1m91xfy2b


Based on the housing, it is not in the contiguous US. Those are poor island housing. I think the silver containers are trailers. Look at the tiny vehicles going along them-- cabs for 18-wheelers?


They’re graveyards Susan, Cemetery/Mausoleum are similar.

I haven’t taken the time to figured out where exactly this map is, I normally do (haven’t had the time)
Don’t suppose anyone else does or has the co-ords . . . . @Mel_Nod question5 Pretty please with sugar on top :pray :grin:
Or maybe @AKE235 or @claus might know the co-ors :wink:


Thanks, that makes sense. They were too short for semi tractor trailers. There are alot of 4-6 lane highways near by. Lot of swimming pools and high rises > 5 stories in the area as well.


Looks like pipes, pre-cast manholes, etc. - and an awful lot of them! In the tile down one and one to the left, there is a construction project going on with several cranes. :thinking: Darned tree shadows make it nearly impossible to see what they’re up to, but a few pipes in the vicinity would make laying a storm and/or sanitary sewer line likely. (Sanitary sewer use the blue pipes according to a national code.) :smiley:


That’s one reason I don’t think this is an island. Somehow I can’t picture a super-highway on a tropical island - unless it is a very BIG island.


Ok I found it :grin: They are cemetarys.
This first link you gave is the Cementerio Porta Coeli in Puerto Rico
Google Maps co-ordinates: 18.414046, -66.173024

And the co-ordinates for the second one Cementerio Los Cipreses: 18.392920, -66.160715

Sorry @Jim7 nothing at all to do with construction :wink:


Good detective work, Em!

Hasn’t quite kicked in, yet; that Irma was a non-discriminating multi-national storm.



It was this that gave it away, about six tiles over to the right, then just a matter of finding which address was in the line of H.Irma. :wink:


Wow! Looks more like a storage facility to me! I’m used to seeing cemeteries (except for military) that are more sprawled out and not lined up like a storage locker lot. Guess I better get out into the world (or as Em would say, “Get out and about…”) more often! :roll_eyes::rofl:


I figured out where it is, Bayamon, PR. Goya foods has their name in VERY big letters on the roof :rofl:so I went to their website to see where they had plants, then google maps . The coast to the north is distinctive and the buildings matched Google maps perfectly.


Yeah I figured out the island when I went to Goya’s website which is based in New Jersey by first generation immigrants.


So that is where they make them, but was what we were looking at merely where they store them? I don’t know… to me it still looks like it was a storage facility and not a cemetery. Where would anyone lay any flowers? Looked too cramped for that. :confused:


Jim this is what they look like on the ground, they look quite beautiful really in this image :slight_smile:


Earlier I hadn’t thought about the scarcity of space for cemeteries on an island. When I did, it was Brianna’s wake up time with Grandpa - while the others had dinner - and after almost 1-1/2 hours, bottle and back to sleep. :heart_eyes: After pawning her off on Grandma (:rofl::roll_eyes::innocent:), thought about those places where they have actually stacked the caskets vertically because of no room for spreading our horizontally. My bad, slow and slowing down mind. (Must have stared at too much snow.) :rofl:


Great find. Like Jim, I would not have thought a cemetery was at what looked like a construction spot.


What is this? I found what looks like a humongous rectangular rock with flat sides and top. There are several objects on top of it. In the before photo it looks tall, while in the after photo it almost looks like most of it is “submerged,” but in order for that to be the case, all the surrounding trees coming up the hill would also have to be submerged - which they aren’t. Optical illusion? Is WV-4 playing games with our minds again? :thinking:
Tomnod_Hurricane Irma_what is it_before
Tomnod_Hurricane Irma_what is it_after


Hard to say without a better look… oh wait I did take a better look. its a pond… before shows a raised edge with some trees or shrubs… after shows more water around it than in it… still what look like shrubs…

Go to Google Earth, look at coordinates 27 10.054 N 082 02.596 W… thats in degrees minute to 3 decimal places format. That will put you right on it… use the image history to view previous years photos…
Wasn’t there before 2007… you can watch the construction stages… and the growth of the trees and shrubs.

Have fun… I found that earlier on my own…ha ha.


Just something a little different to have in your back yard.

Anybody know where that plane is?
(No idea what country I am looking at let alone the town or city.)

Have had lots of pages with no sign of damage.
Tried the priority tag and still get damage free areas. :thinking: