H. Maria - 8 new PR maps


@EmeraldEyes I guess they all 8, work at the moment.


I have noticed on several of the new maps that there are few tags to be seen, even if there are destroyed houses beside one with a lone tag. In the before and after shots, and zoomed in to 2+ , you can clearly see when the roof tops are different colors or a corner is missing, or the rafters are showing, or the inside rooms are clearly visible. I have placed many tags where there was clear major damage and no one else seems to have posted any tags. Are the tags not sticking? Are people not taking the time to zoom in and look at both time frames? Yo! Anybody home??


http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1nmpx5y3o. I have searched this twice before and placed many tags. When I went over it again tonight, only a few tags were showing, even where there was clear major damage done to several factory buildings. WHINE, NAG, WHIMPER, SNARL.


Interestingly, on that particular tile and those 2 buildings, and knowing you have already tagged them, I went and tagged the two. The lower building I tagged first had a consensus of 2; the upper building had none, so I dropped a few more tags on it until I hit the spot where there was another consensus of 2 :smiley: But I’m not going to waist time doing that for every building I tag :sweat_smile:

Ok, that’s just reason among many; but I suppose another could be that the number of volunteers have dropped as time goes by and with all the sticking problems we’ve had with the campaign :disappointed:


Wonder if some nodders think because it all looks so neat and clean and tidy and “normal” from this viewpoint that at a glance there doesn’t appear to be any damage. Plus I suppose some people will struggle visually in the built up areas perhaps.

Maybe some people think because they don’t see any debris scattered around (as in the image below) then maybe there is no damage :thinking:


And in all honesty, I can’t guarantee that I’ve not missed a building among them all :slightly_frowning_face:


An industrial building is hard to determine whether or not it has sustained damage - with the air conditioning units/fans/elevator towers, solar panels, etc. on the roof. I find myself switching back and fore between the old and the new many times before I decide. I also closely check the roads and landscape for changes in coloring and blurring due to water and/or mud. One other thing I do is back out and see how close the building is to the coast, a river or swollen stream. Slow going at times, but I just keep plugging away!


I agree that the built up areas take some patience. Because of the nature of the roofs, it is hard to tell if it is natural wear and tear staining, or if the roof is damaged. But, yes, is does not make sense that the only damage is in rural areas. Perhaps people are tackling rural areas first Because the damage is easier to spot.



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Punta Santiago is on the coast of this map. This town is center of Eastern coast of PR. LOTS of damage here. Hurricane made landfall approx 15 - 20 miles to the southwest of here at Yabucoa.




(My PR13)

Missing Bridge.


My (PR10)



I don’t think I’d want to just sit there and film all that with corrugated sheets of metal flying around me and buildings blowing outwards :open_mouth:



Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín


Which flight should we take, @claus ? :wink: I’m ready for a ride on some clouds!

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Lots of Dams in PR, 1 more.

Before and after pic.