H. Maria - Has our location changed?


Are we done with Puerto Rico? Looks like another location now - unaffected by the hurricane(s).

(This is my first post so let me know if I was right to create a topic, or do I go to Water Coller?, etc thx.)


No Anne, what you have done is perfectly correct :slight_smile:

And from the link you gave, it looks like you are now on Martinique. If you hit the “Jump To” button on the map it may take you to another part of the Puerto Rico map at some point if you haven’t already explored the whole of the map. And by the way, I have no inner insight from TN other than @Mel_Nod (our administrator and a TN staff member) informed us of other new maps uploaded Guadeloupe, Martinique and Puerto Rico so I just zoomed out and compared it to google maps :wink:


Hi @Anne, welcome to the forum. Don’t worry too much about getting the topic etc right, our super resident mods @cageycat and @AKE235 will move it around if necessary.

So far on the Maria campaign, I’ve seen parts of Martinique (virtually undamaged), Dominica (wrecked) and Puerto Rico (wrecked).
I usually hit the “Jump to Priority Area” button if I get too many agreements when I’m tagging, so I’ve covered quite a few parts of the maps that way.


After zooming the map I’ve just realised I have actually completed that map and did not actually find anything to tag there. I hope that’s still the case hmmm5

Which map TN opens upon log-in is relatively random Anne, but a little tip if you want to stick with and complete one map is to save a link to it in your browser :wink: Or you can look in any of the other campaign related posts as there will be links to Puerto Rico which others have posted for various reasons :slight_smile:

Last night I was on Dominica, this morning the same Puerto Rico and right now I’m just waiting with baited breath to see where I’m going to land :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I’m back in Dominica, darn it :roll_eyes: I was hoping for Guadeloupe for a change :smirk: I’ve not done that one yet. Actually there’s still an awful lot for me to tag this one, and I’m not really grumbling :wink:


Hi @Anne, welcome to the forum!

Everybody else has pretty much covered it, but our Maria campaign has images from Dominica, Martinique, Guadaloupe, and Puerto Rico. Unfortunately we only have a couple post-event images strips from Puerto Rico, not the whole island. We will continue to add as we get them.

So, long story short, you will see non-PR imagery in the campaign. From reading here, it sounds like the damage is less on the other islands.


Thank you, all! Very helpful comments and tips!!