H. Maria how do we mark the houses here?


floods from both inland and sea removed the houses and debris.
only way to mark them is based on location in the “before” . :frowning_face:


As much as possible, mark the footprint of the house on the NOW / After event tile. Do your best. When I compare now to before, I can delete a misplaced tag and re-tag the spot.

Oh, and on maps like that, I just tag “rows”. It covers most of the houses.


Thanks @cageycat.
do you know if the system takes into consideration on which map the tag was done? the “before” or “after” ? will the coordinates be taken differently to make them match?


Hover your mouse over a focal point in the before image and switch to the after image, that’s always a good indicator as to how far out of alignment the maps may be and in what direction.

Now when deciding on where a building used to be, you just do a similar thing. Hover your mouse over a building in the before image, switch to the after and drop a tag roughly where it should be (correcting alignment if need be).


Thanks @EmeraldEyes , yes I do that too. but sometimes it is easier just to mark the buildings where they used to be in the before. where you actually see’em


Yes, I’ll do that if I can’t pinpoint them accurately enough but then (being a little OCD) I’ll shift them over in the after image, possibly to the most dense part of the debris pile. But I doubt it matters to the system, which maps the tag is dropped on in that respect :thinking: I’m sure @Mel_Nod will let us know if it does


I believe Tn Staff has to move the tags placed on Old/Before imagery and put it on the New/Current imagery – for uniformity of data output.

(Or because moving tags using a small staff is time consuming, they could just dump the errant tags. I think they try to move them / merge them, though.)