H. Maria - "I ain't going nowhere but where I've been"


Still trying to get on to some unseen tiles to check this out… it took an age to fully load (with several Chrome “Wait” boxes), and is insisting on dropping me onto tiles I’ve already seen. Have tried 4 or 5 jumps so far…

H. Maria - "before" is gone?

Will make my day if “goofy” includes Dr Scott. :upside_down_face:


:open_mouth: Give her a chance Helen; I did say about an hour…

…mind you that was a few hours ago…“before” cagey turned everything on is head :upside_down_face: “after” Mel said she was strugglin to find the “before” confused6

And stop all that jumpin, it’s probably what broked it in the first place trampoline-fun-smiley-emoticon :roll_eyes:

Doc says I’m not goofy Goofy…see…it’s efficiul crazy confused doofus


LOL, not forgetting I have much less “Nodding” time now, have to fit it all in of an evening now! :wink:

Whoops! Sorry… :upside_down_face::sunglasses::rofl:
Got some WD40 and some duct tape here, standard engineering practice, one or the other should fix it… :wink::upside_down_face:


What about a :hammer: ?


Well, I’m in…“after” two long waits and then another one :roll_eyes:

Say @Mel_Nod, you couldn’t just shift this one over to the left a bit :smile: When I got in I’d thought someone had turned the lights out again lights out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, that could work too! Just make sure everyone has their thumbs out of the way before I use it… :scream::wink:


Oooh, lucky you! :rofl: I’ve not managed to get anywhere new yet…:roll_eyes:


shocked eek Don’t giver her one of those Cagey or she really will break it HammerAndNailHit2



Erm…lets just amend that a bit…I’m in, but it’s not the new maps I took a sneaky peak at earlier AngryEyeLift

But hey, I do have to finish up these ones anyway :grin:


Now the truth comes out! :roll_eyes::wink:

I’m giving up for the night, it’s just not letting me in. Maybe I did break it with the :hammer::wrench::clamp::pick:? :innocent::innocent::upside_down_face:


Night, night Helen, I’m off too Sleep GoodNight3


Jim7’s wife is correct- we ain’t right.


And here, I thought I was the only one “not right”. :wink:


@Helen a little failure in the system, it seems to.
I tried the jump, came to a little map I´ve already been at, but zooming out, and moving the map, there are 1 or 2 other little maps, on the same window. One of the windows got 3 small map on it, but it should ofcourse have send us to the one tile yet not opened.


Yes, I’d already found that one a while back, when I dared to zoom out to -5! One tiny map turned into three…
I covered all of that one, including all of the edges, even the slivers that sometimes exist on the very edges of the maps.

I must have tried 10 or more jumps last night, I even suffered the long wait of restarting the browser and relaunching the campaign a couple of times, and I was still jumped to somewhere I’d already been.
I put it down to the server having an “off” night!


It seems to the system wants me to finish, Dominica nr 3-4 or 5 first, it could also use some more tags around.

But I got a little lurk yesterday, on one of the new PR.


I’ve been having that trouble a bit today, every time I jumped it brought me back to the same completed map or some of the other small yet completed maps :smirk:
Had to log out and back in several times to get it to give up and put me somewhere else…I can be even more stubborn and determined than the maps, they’ll never going to win that game :rofl:

But as my numbers are creaping up, so the campaign is slowing down with the longer waits to load it.
When this one loaded just a while ago http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1mgdxwya
It opened with an explosion of psychedelic bubbles bursting onto the screen almost like a firework display :smiley: The only thing missing was the fan fair sigh2


@Helen @EmeraldEyes On this, there are 6 or 7 small maps,
when first waited for a good upstart, I have no problem zooming to -5.


And I’ve just tried again logging off/on and it’s brought me back to those 8 little maps. I’ve been playing tennis with the map throwing all over the screen but I’m not finding any more little ones I may have missed :smirk: