H. Maria - "I ain't going nowhere but where I've been"


Yes claus, those are 5 of the 8 maps in all. Remember the 2 you posted another day, one shaped like a cat the other a fish…at least I think it was you :thinking: But anyway, they are above the top most one in your image :slight_smile:


I’ll have to try logging on and off a few times, anything is worth a try! Like you, I’m persistent if nothing else, and I will out-stubborn the server! It’s not getting the better of me… :wink::thinking::expressionless:


Psychedelic Bubbles? - Well, that would explain a few things!

While inventorying the supply closet in the members’ lounge, I noticed that some items had been pinched. About a kilo of high-grade Nip and four bottles of Mr. Bubbles bath soap. Went to the Jacuzzi room and was immediately hit with bubbles. So thick were the bubbles, couldn’t see my out stretched hands. There was a strong odor of perfumed soap and heavy odor of Nip in the room, also there was the loud sound purring. The litter box was also full of stems and seeds of Katnip. I know it wasn’t the sound of Pan and or LP, for they were in they’re bed chambers chewing on bamboo shoots, watching the latest installment of Kung Fu Panda. Now, Be it for me; to make any accusations, but all evidence points to a feline getting a Bath and a Buzz!


By using the jump, I had to find the little cutted tiles, I had missed. Soo i think I have cleaned the small maps and are back on one of the big Dominica maps, with the clouds reminds of the seals in antarctica.


If you log out, you will have to wait for the long upstart, just use the jump and wait few sec, it should work.


Oh @Mel_Nod I think @Helen and @EmeraldEyes and @claus and others need you!

Can you find out why they can’t get to tiles they haven’t tagged (in other words, why the server insists on sticking them where they’ve already gone)? Or clear out something or other so their maps load up easily?


The black in the top of one of the map, is also counting.


Hi all,
I’m not sure that I can fix the slow loading issue. That might take some reconfiguring of tomnod that is not in my wheelhouse.

I may have fixed the issue with prioritization. It is working on my end - is it on you folks’?


I have gone through alot of clouds on this map, and dropped a few tags between them, very suddenly it went slow, cleared the browser (Chrome) and vupti it was fast again, not super fast but fast.

going to check the jump now, maybe it find a little tile Im still missing, and nothing to say it have to think a few sec.


Testing the jump, it send me to this map

still missing that microscopic tile.

Amazing :slight_smile:
Soo ok, it do not send us to the missing tile/s, but just to a map with still unseen tiles.


Ok learning.
2. jump try…test…
send me here to this map, another micro tile i still havent opened.

A little note, it takes app. 17 sec, before the url comes up, what map it will send me too, and app another 17 sec. before the pic. comes on.


If ANY tile on the active grid has not been seen / tagged, Priority Jump will take you there, even if the tile is a tiny piece, or a black edge piece. That is the same as the computer leading us through poly tiles—we must vote even on black edge pieces.

Server Johnny is still learning. Like his ancestor-computers, Johnny still relies on what he sees / does not see. “No visitors! Must send to this non-tagged tile” – even if the tile has nothing to see. Server Johnny might get more "ed-u-ma-cated over time.


If a black tile is in the active grid, it will be “counted” when visited.


@cageycat exactly,
3. jump = 3. learning.
Send me here…


@cageycat @Mel_Nod not totally right, it just send us to an already opened tile on that map, it do not send us to the not opened tile. But ok if it send us to a tile not tagged, then it is never ending?
Anyway it seems to a little failure on this tile/map, some places we can continue to the right? tile counting.


  1. jump send me back to this top again again…


I haven’t checked the URL, but that looks very much like one of the tiles the jump keeps sending me to as well.


My guess is there are leak in the side off the maps, there are unvisible tiles, not easy to spot and open.


Yeh, I noticed that too claus :slight_smile:

  1. jump found 1.

    It sits right up in the corner.