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Like I said, the computer only sees “box not touched” or “tags don’t have 10x”.

It does not matter if it is a 1mm sliver of a piece along an edge & not a full tile… or a grey tiny triangular piece that has nothing on it. If part of the active map GRID is untouched//unfinished, the server will keep nagging to go to that spot.

Solution: click through the row or rows, so the server knows the whole map grid was looked over.


Does that mean, if a tile got 1-9 tags, it will keep sending nodders to that tile, until it reach 10 tags?
I got one of the new to work for me now,


The way Jump Priority should work is----

  • you have not ever been to Tile xxx
  • you have not ever been to Tile xxx AND the tile lacks a x10 consensus
  • If a Tile has 1-9 tags, Server Johnny will persist in trying to get EVERY NODDER to at least go view that tile ONE time each nodder. Your click on those edge pieces will grant you a reprieve from being stuck on an “almost done-not quite done” map.
    But Server Johnny wants everyone to see the edges!

The tile could be—

  • a tiny edge piece on any side (4 sides of map grid) - so partly gray, black, white or any other color Tn set
  • a tiny triangular piece on a cut up grid
  • tile full of clouds
  • tile full of smoke
  • tile full of water
  • or some object(s) of interest in the Area of Interest (AOI)

How to beat the Tn computer (Server Johnny) on the edge pieces and cut triangles —

  • Just give up and click on each and every tile included in the GRID map, including all those annoying little edge slivers and partial cut pieces.
  • Clicking on them increases your visited tile count. Tags placed get counted.
  • Server Johnny stops being OCD about making sure those pieces get viewed IF you just view them.
  • Once Server Johnny gets his way, he’ll release the next map IF you are done with the last one.

:computer: :clamp: :butterfly:

We need to figure out ways to teach Server Johnny the words:

  • obstructed
  • obstruction
  • cloud
  • blank
  • black
  • nothing!

Ah ha, that is the issue! How do you teach a computer to recognize “nothingness”? Kind of like WOPR in the movie War Games. Tick tac toe to teach “futility”.


The trouble is cagey, the ones I’ve listed up there are beyond the grid, beyond the annoying little edge slivers and beyond those black borders and look nothing like grey tiles missed. We know all those sticking points, we’ve had them before, we get them with most every campaign. But this particular issue, we don’t or at least I’ve never experienced it or recall discussions of it on here.

It is something that’s going to have to be fixed (and it can be fixed) as not all volunteers come onto the forum, so they don’t know what is going on and what they can do to overcome/avoid these sticking points. They’re just going to give up…possibly :confused:

If they keep on bouncing back to the same completed maps, they’re just going to think they’ve covered them all and are done, because there’s no other indicators that there’s more maps to look at that they just can’t get to or that they’ve completed the campaign. And there’s no instruction or guidance on the main site as to how to get around such sticking points. They’re the volunteers we’re going to lose!

Forums, like social media, are not everyone’s cup of tea, they see them as sites to go to for celebrity gossip or post pictures of what they had for lunch, their latest fashion purchase/finger nail art/latest craze and such, and they’re just not interested in all that nonsense.

Then there are those who can’t figure out how the forum works (there’s no comparison to FB or Twitter :wink: ) or haven’t the time nor inclination to learn it and so just stick with what they know. Particularly those in the over 50’s and the retired who’ve never used a computer before, who now have time on their hands and are just now taking it up as a new hobby/interest (being taught by their grown up children to get them started). And they’re the ones we’re going to lose with invisible issues like this. This is a minor issue that’s fixable!

It doesn’t matter about us, we’re old hands at this and we’ll always find a way round, and if not, we know where to go to get help, but the newbies don’t and some just won’t!


Thx. Ok complicated.
If a Tile has 1-9 tags, Server Johnny will persist in trying to get EVERY NODDER to at least go view that tile ONE time each nodder

Ok soo probably just every tile need 10 diff nodders, no matter tags or not.


@Mel_Nod Ok I’ve bumped around the edges of both these small tiles and in all the nooks and cranny’s of that one on the left, too numerous times to mention now. I’ve dragged them all over the screen, waaaay out of sight in search of little map I might have missed…nothing! (It can be done if you’re quick enough grabbing the screen before it bounces back to the centre :wink: )

Could my particular sticking point be that I haven’t actually tagged anything on those two little maps? And that’s just because I couldn’t find or see anything worth tagging! Did anyone else? :thinking:
I know I haven’t completed all the maps yet, because I have 2 maps links pinned to the task bar which are incomplete.
Personally I think the “Jump to” button is fixated with these two little maps :smirk:


Could bee, is that the map with the leak?


@EmeraldEyes have you been on the new map yet?


Morning @EmeraldEyes I am not seeing what you’re seeing on the links you gave. I see cutouts of map, with the gray or black (inactive) over the cut away grid. Don’t doubt what you’re seeing, but it’s not what I see. :frowning: You’re right though—Server Johnny has got to be seeing “something” to keep sending you to those tiles.

However, I wish Tn (@Mel_Nod ) could make all campaigns be some version of a boxy square or rectangle without cutting up tiles. The cut-ups cause more issues, IMO, and the big differences between area-sizes makes scrolling more difficult… such as when we need to hit the angles on this “M” . (Ever try to hit a teeny sliver…and the grid bounces so far out of visual that we have to fight with the grid.) But to abandon using cut outs, we’d need to just accept more water, more clouds, etc. :frowning:


Maybe the system is looking for a few more tags to make a “10” consensus. :thinking:


The one to the right of it is the one with the leak claus :slight_smile:


No I haven’t clause, haven’t been able to get past those two maps :frowning: But I can now that you have so kindly provided a link :wink: Thanks :slight_smile:


No, I still don’t believe it’s anything to do with tags and consensus at all.
It hasn’t taken me to any other completed maps, it’s just persisting with the two little ones. The other 8 I haven’t seen since I cleared a little sliver of tile. It’s definitely the leak on those two rows going out of the right on the right map! I’ve even listed the range of tile numbers they go out to.

There have been maps I’ve cleared and not tagged anything on in the past and I’ve never been bounced back to them time and time again like this, only unless I’ve missed a tile/sliver of tile.


No I dont think soo, the 10 is double, as I get it.

  1. Every tile must bee seen 10 times (different nodders)
  2. The 10 tags count criteria, is to the algorithm, in order to get a more precisely map in the end.
    In order to improve the system and interest,
    Most of the time, the jump seems to work ok, but sending a nodder to a black tile, is ofc. confusing, because there are black tiles on some of the maps, they should atleast be changed with some pretty pictures, to keep the nodder interested, and not get confused, and loose the interest/give up.
    The jump priority should somehow bee changed a little bit, soo it doesnt send us back to maps we already have run through, atleast not when new uncovered maps is available. I guess.


Ok, Ill tell how I came in. In case your not in yet.

  1. go to main page, log out.
  2. Hit the new url.
  3. http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1nkix1y1n
  4. open a few tiles and drop a few tags.
  5. Log in and hit the start search.
  6. Hit the url back arrow, until your back to the new map url.
  7. wait wait wait…arrow to a new tile and slowly slowly it moves to the new tile.
  8. after some slow tiles you should be up running normal.


Ooh thanks claus, I’m in…after a few waits :wink: :smile: It really is getting quite slow to load now my numbers are up, but not slow to scroll and still not too bad zooming out :grin:


I hate to say this claus, but have you noticed there appears to be a similar leak here.

Top row, right hand corner of map goes out to the right a further 12 scrolls into the dark grey beyond the black. http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1nkixry1q, 1nkixsy1q, 1nkixty1q, 1nkixuy1q, 1nkixvy1q, 1nkixwy1q, 1nkix10y1q, 1nkix11y1q, 1nkix12y1q, 1nkix13y1q, 1nkix14y1q

Oh and there is a sliver to be cleared above the top corner tile :wink:

Next row down goes out 2 scrolls http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1nkixry1p, 1nkixsy1p, 1nkixty1p,


No I havent, but mine is super slow at the moment, for some reasoon,


Ok admitted,
went for a HD shopping,
Not complaining.


Top right corner.