H. Maria - "I ain't going nowhere but where I've been"


@Mel_Nod ok tried the incognito (not logged in),
got send to this map
tried the jump several times, (always on that map),
but I discovered/notised,
when the random nr comes up,
it always change the last 3 again???
That doesnt sound right, it first comes up with a random nr, and then change the last 3 or so again


I am having the same problem with these two maps. Keep being sent back to them no matter what! Very frustrating.


This sheet’s southern central boundary is just north of the town of Villalba, PR, the width of the sheet covers about 5 miles to the east and west of this point.

We have so much more to cover in PR. @Mel_Nod, will we be getting more Puerto Rico imagery?


I’ve just replicated this and find it does the same for me too claus.


I also hate to say this EmeraldEyes, but another leak in the bottom, to minus tiles, maybee endless I havent checked.


And after completed this map 1nkixky1k, the jump send me back to the 1mgjx map.
@EmeraldEyes tvist your head one more time, there is ofc. a reason why the system send us back to that map, but why?
Yes I found a building with missing solar cells to tag, (2 others had tagged), is it really pushing us to get the 10 tags?
It cant be the reason.
But anyway, have you found any other maps?


Unfortunately I’m not even half way through this one claus.
From that link you’ve posted you can go down 3 times beyond the black border to 1nkixoy-3 in that column to the right of your arrows. And…interestingly enough…it would appear you can actually tag in those cells too :rofl:

I don’t have much knowledge of programming or how it goes together to work. But as I see it, it’s comprised of 4 layers, the dark grey base it’s all laid out over (whatever that’s called), oldest map, newest map and the grid. And its to do with the setting of the grids rows and columns matching up with that dark grey base.

As I see it, the maps were aligned, the grid set and then the newest map cropped. The grids’ rows and columns were reduced in length and width but 2 rows and 1 column were missed. Something like this grid I’ve done in MS Word


Thx, I didnt meant you to twist it that much :slight_smile: but ok I didnt think to look for the grid, then it would have shown me.
Maybee it simply works, it could be the least searched because of no/not much damage.



We found a solution to the priority map problem!!
There’s always a but, isn’t there?
We’re not sure how long the solution is going to last. It is finally working “correctly” for us and is taking us to maps where there have been 0 tags placed.

However, we’re worried, that when our QA algorithm runs, it will default to the old bad behavior. So, if you don’t mind, please post your experiences with Maria prioritizing maps here. Are you being sent to new places? Or is tomnod still sending you to those two old maps or the corners of maps you’ve seen before?

Sorry it has taken us so long. Slow going, but going!

We are hoping, that if we can fix this, we will add even more imagery in an attempt to map all of PR. If we can’t fix it, we are going to consider opening a new campaign as you have suggested. The problem with that is we would need to re-do so much of your already hard work.


first try in incognito, Maria search, seems to be a new coming up

havent tried the priority yet.


first priority jump try, in incognito,
another new.


second priority jump try,
my nr4


Oh BOY thank you @claus. Proof that it worked if just for a minute! Fingers crossed that it will stick.


This should be my nr PR5

In as normal now,
tagging ok, but some may better use incognito.

H. Maria - 8 new PR maps

Interesting Mel, when I logged in it brought me on this map which I’m already half way through http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1nkixdy1i but it did land me on a tile near the top (in clouds) which I’ve already cleared.

I jumped to priority twice and it still brought me to tiles I’d already tagged on the same map.

Then on my third priority jump it brought me to another new map :grin:http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1nkkxfyf
So far so good, it’s working and that’s the main thing. Apart from the slow load everything else appears to be good :wink:


Thank you so much Mel and well done to you and @Jon_Saints for all your hard work and persistence.

I’m too busy tagging now to do any more jumping, will try another when I’ve completed this map Grin roll small


Had to try the jump again,
my PR6 (5 new soo far)

Note, first it send me to a little already done,
BUT it kept my tags dropped number,
2. try I got PR6.
Note, Discovered Im still in Incognito,
But still as Logged in, (I dont think it makes any differens here at me)
Going offline for today :slight_smile:

H. Maria - 8 new PR maps

The left of this map is west coast PR, Mayagüez




have time stamps of 9/26, 3:19 and 9/26 3:20 respectively.

The sheets appears to be identical, but with the one minute time difference the clouds are slightly different.

Will this mean we will essentially be tagging the same scene twice and should these sheets be merged and in a way to maximize less cloud cover?

The second URL seems to have a sliver of extra map to the left of the first URL, but almost identical scenery



maybe we should have a title for each sheet. That way when we are talking about different tiles, we identify if that tile is in, say, PRsheet5 or PRsheet6
This could come in handy in situations like the one I just posted (right above this post).

Thanks to the Tomnod staff for your hard work on this!! We are all happy Nodders :nerd_face: