H. Maria - "I ain't going nowhere but where I've been"


Hi Mel_Nod, I am in a new Maria map following the normal route-not too slow either!!

I did want to let you know about something I observed yesterday when we were all stuck in the two map infinite loop. I have a 27" monitor. When I zoomed out to minus 5 and then clicked jump to priority area I would get the “ghost” of another map i.e. very sharp tiny pink and red dots c/w the tags on another map-no other map-just the dots and the exact same pattern of dots would appear each time. There is also one consistent tiny red dot way to the right of the shrunk map irrespective of the above . It is nothing that I could have tagged even if I was tagging on a black border area.


Just it sometimes happens, when it is slow and using the jump, its normally the tags from the map you jump from, they normally do that In the slower mode, I have observed that also.


Oh, Hot Diggity! New maps! Has anyone told you guys you are geniuses lately? It must be working at the moment, cause I’m tagging new territory.


THANK you all for the feedback (and for letting us know there was a problem, although it always takes us a while to figure it out :grimacing:)

I am really optimistic that our fix has stuck!


I finally got a new map! Elated! Then, quite suddenly the tags won’t stick. I reloaded and still tags just disappear. Cecilia Pflücker Washburn says same thing is happening to her. Guess I’ll just wait until it finally works again. (sigh)


Hi, be sure the tile is in center off screen, if tagging in side-tiles they normally disappear.
@Mel_Nod problems?


Sorry @claus and @sandra. We had a server issue and we are tinkering in there right now. Give us a few moments, sorry!


No problem, we just make some more coffee :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone,

if your new post is not a technical issue, and is only showing the locations / map, please do not add it to a technical thread.

Gonna have to get out my imaginary “Time Out Chair”…

Off to split some posts…


Ups, sorry, I forgot, and thx.


For everyone who keeps threads straight… :candy: :candy: :candy: :candy: :candy: :candy:

Lots are in a bowl and wrapped. Just grab a handful. Some for Jon and Mel, too. :wink:


@Mel_Nod the new imagery is great: bright, sharp and easier on the eyes. :grin:






I guess you figured out a trick to solve the slow upstart too,
it is fast now, atleast on the new maps :slight_smile:


I got a new map that works perfectly and quickly. Happy tagger!


That’s because I think they’ve started over because my tag count has been zeroed :wink:
image not that I’m complainin :rofl:


Or seperated the tags, to each map :wink:


Ermmm…sorry to disturb…I know how really busy you are…embarrassed3…but I’ve got a little problem…yeh, another one…embarrassed5…my erm…my tags are not sticking neither…embarrassed4…ya couldn’t put a bit more velcro on them when you’ve got a minute :rofl:…Monday’ll do…she says…as she beats a hasty retreat over to the Weddell Seal campaign running away