H. Maria - images loading very slowly


Hello there, how comes the images on Hurricane Maria’s campaign load so hardly and slowly (unlike images on Hurricane Irma’s campaign)? Am I the only one who has such a problem?


Hi Laisve, welcome to the slow mode :roll_eyes: No you are not the only, think many are in the same boat after sooo much tagging. Certainly those with a with higher tag count than mine :wink: And even I’m beginning to struggle now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s a common problem, experienced for years, with no real solution.

Scrolling/tagging is quicker using Google Chrome in “Incognito” mode, but still slow to load initially now.
If you’re running TN in Chrome’s regular mode, you may find scrolling will start to slow down to (if it hasn’t started already).

H.Harvey image Opened instantly :grin:
H.Irma image Had one wait for it to load and open :roll_eyes:
H. Maria image Had a very looooooong wait for it load up :weary: :sleeping:

I’ll tag @Mel_Nod in on this post as she will be more knowledgeable on this problem. Fingers crossed there is an answer/solution soon :wink:


It’s a US holiday, I believe… yep, Monday, Oct 9, Columbus Day, Federal legal holiday.
So don’t expect any answers till Tuesday.


Yes, true - there were lots of things to tag in Maria’s campaign.


Hi all,
We are working today, but unfortunately no news on the problems with Maria. I’m sitting down with our tech tomorrow to talk about a number of tomnod issues, and we’ll see if there’s something we can do here.

There’s a really good chance that this campaign is just all searched out - which means THANK YOU for your work! If not, we will keep looking for a solution.

We are hoping to have some new campaigns up soon, including a new area to look for seals!!


And that’s usually the conclusion TN come to with most of the campaigns when these troubles start rearing their ornery heads :rofl: And that’s when the campaigns is closed :wink:


@Mel_Nod Could we start a new campaign for Puerto Rico just to make sure we are able to search the whole island? If the tags are slowing things down, labeling the next Puerto Rico sheet as a new campaign might help. (I really want to keep searching Puerto Rico!)


Hi folks. I had a meeting with our tech @Jon_Saints today and told him about the issues with the Maria campaign, including it being slow. He also wasn’t immediately sure of the problem but had a question that might help him narrow his search.

Basically, we want to know if the issue is with tomnod infrastructure itself, or with the way tomnod behaves when users have placed a lot of tags.

Would one of you be willing to log out, open an incognito tab, and without logging in, go to the Maria campaign? Then, let me know if in this mode, let me know if the interface is still slow. On our end it is not, but would like to hear your experience. Thank you for helping us troubleshoot tomnod!

PS this doesn’t address the issue of returning to the same maps: that in another episode of Tomnod Troubles.


Just done that Mel in Incognito not signed in and it opens instantly, swift into the campaign with no waiting at all, scrolls fine too. Not slow at all.

It has always been that way in past campaigns Mel. For those familiar with this problem tagging without logging in has become the norm. when it gets to this stage in any of the campaigns. Only logging in at the end of a session to save.


My stat aren’t through the roof so… here is my experiment

Logged out
Smooth as hot butter on a hotcross bun
Tagged about 30 houses on a coast and then I…
Logged in-----
OMG about 1 minute to let me click the X …and another 2 minutes to load a piece of a tile at http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1mgjx12yl


OMG you’ve jinxed my cagey :hushed: When I test it earlier, I got on a new map whilst not logged in; now I’ve just clicked on your link and I can’t get off that one. That’s the link to the 2 little maps I’m always stuck on:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fortunately I’ve got the link claus posted to one of the new maps, think I’ll complete that tomorrow and give up as it’s getting way too slow anyway :frowning: I’ll go back to the seals then :wink:


Well, maybe @Jon_Saints can take a look at the above URL and excise that one from the whole map. Here are some
surgical sponges
surgical clamps
surgical stamples
and a bright and shiny Tomnod scalpel

Holding basin for deposit of bad map “tissue”…

This tile is slow, too


Hi Mel-Nod, Don’t know if this will answer your question, but I went to TN on my i-pad via google. I logged out and was able to immediately access Maria and scroll through the grid. When I logged in (as prompted by TN) everything came to its usual refusal to budge. Incidentally the map that appeared was one that was already open and likely tagged.

Another point was that I was able to “escape” the one map that TN seemed to to want to send everyone back to by scrolling the borders and placing one or two fake tags which I erased (?untagged). TN gave up and sent me to an untagged map. I was then able to complete several maps winding up in Vieques, Puerto Rico ( I am getting good at identifying airports). I agree with the forum member who suggested a separate Puerto Rico campaign. It seems as if we have tagged our way across the Caribbean following Maria’s track and leaving one of the most damaged islands out because of tag density.


Thank you, @Wilms I hope this precise feedback from us, from different locations, will help Jon figure out how to help us get across the map tiles easier. :+1:


@Wilms, could you post the URL or map ID for Vieques? I have already tagged everything on the first two PR pages, as well as the islands, but under several user accounts I created to avoid the slowdown. If I login in to another account, say kateg3, it will see that I haven’t tagged southern Dominica which I did as kateg2, and send me to southern Dominica. If I log in to kateg3, I am sent to northern Domonica. All cases lead to Dominica, so I don’t know how to get to any new PR maps.


Poor gal… wonder if @Jon_Saints could merge all those accounts sometime later?


At least Kate kept her account number to less than 10! :laughing:


And woe betide if he should merge them before the campaign is closed :sweat_smile:


For a minute there I got excited . . . . unfortunately it didn’t work for me, still get stuck on the 2 little maps :frowning:
Once I’ve completed the one Oct map claus posted on here, I’m going back to the seal campaign because there’s nothing else I can do :confused:


Hi Mel.

I’ve tried not logging into TN in both Chrome Regular mode and Incognito and still stuck with the same two maps.
The only I’ve not taken the time to do is clear the tiles whilst signed out to see if the Jump will take me to another map afterwards.

Is there more than this one newer map for October?

And it looks like it’s not going to let me complete this one as I’ve too many tags now, so I think I’ll just go back to my Weddells now . . . . Fix You :wink: