H. Maria - images loading very slowly


@Mel_Nod No problems when not logged in, very fast also tagging respons very fast.
As I get it, the biggest problem is the upstart when start searching a camping, with a high tag dropped, it takes long time for the system to start up all the tags, normally after some time tagging is ok. Depending on the US day/night time.
@Jim7 I dont think he have experienced much trouble, because never going offline from the system.
Different run on Servers around the world could be a factor too, I remember som years ago, it was possible to get a slow line on skype, just had to make a new call then, and it was ok.
Im working on, to give it a try, soometime in the near future, for you to see exactly how it works here at a remote Tomnodder, Special technical line for You, Direct video Messenger or Skype of the screen if that could bee at any help.


Also, as of today, after the slow startup wait, tagging is gooing ok, fast, but as you see, my old tag number is not loaded yet.
Maybee it helped with a new HD screen and comp. (Dedikated campaigns only, soo far :slight_smile:

Soo because my old tags not is loaded yet, Im able to tag 2. round, which I wont, because theyll probably load if im online long enough, then old and new show up as what I call dubble tag.

Picture from some dayes ago, from same map, tagging was also ok.

yesterday tagging was also ok, where I did the last on same map,
which I did finish, before my old tags loaded.


Thanks all for the feedback. This is helpful. We’ll see what we can do.

I think it is a good idea to post a PR-only campaign - we’ll see what we can do. Thanks for all your input here, it really does help.


Unfortunately I do not have the Vieques URL. I was able to reach Vieques after completing this map:


I believe it is also Martinique-very little damage. There may have been an additional map before I got to Vieques. When I completed the above map I then asked TN to send me to a priority area. Hope this helps. I can still access the above map by being a pest at the dual maps that no one can get past.




Isn’t the middle PR map the bunny you saw in Weddell? Just facing opposite direction.


Hi All,
Yes, I think incognito for now is the best solution to maps loading slowly.

BUT, for the prioritization problem, we have actually found a solution that we hope will stick: http://forum.tomnod.com/t/h-maria-i-aint-going-nowhere-but-where-ive-been/4858/90?u=mel_nod