H. Maria - Major Cat 4 Storm


Maria is expected to rapidly gain strength and become a major hurricane as it passes through the Leeward Islands and rips through the Lesser Antilles (read British & U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Martin/St. Marteen) by Monday night (tonight)! As if they haven’t suffered enough already!
As of 0800 EDT it was reclassified from Cat-1 to Cat-2 with sustained winds of 110 mph (95 knots) and moving W-NW at 12 mph (10 knots).

EDIT: As of 1100 AST, H. Maria upgraded to a Cat-3 hurricane. By ~0800 AST it should be hitting Puerto Rico.



Yuk, I’ve just read that Hurricane Maria is now classified as Category 4. :anguished:


As of 8:00 PM EDT it is now a Category 5! Maximum sustained winds of 160 mph/257 kmph. And it made landfall in Dominica. Those poor islanders! :worried:


@Mel_Nod Say Jim, what do you think the odds are of getting some images for Maria tonight?


Not good. Take a look at this image from NOAA and then click on the HTML5 Short Loop or Long Loop to see the animated satellite imagery. The long loop (15 images) is at this link: http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/PS/TROP/floaters/15L/html5-vis-long.html
I just looked at it and the 15th image shows the eye right smack over the middle of a small island! Ouch!
EDIT: Oops! Here’s the image I was talking about.


As I was just checking on the latest about H. Maria, I noticed something peculiar about the clouds - faces!


The Sky News headline this morning reported the PM of Dominica says “so far we have lost all that money could buy or replace” after Hurricane Maria made landfall :fearful:


I think that was Dominica when I was telling Bob that the eye of the hurricane was directly over the center of the island. I watched it move away from the island after battering it for nearly an hour. Sad indeed.



The Gov.of PR said on the news that Maria was expected to be the worst yet.:persevere::disappointed_relieved:


I read that. :no_mouth: I was also reading (can’t remember where) that they were having a massive debris cleanup operation so that the debris from Irma didn’t become missiles for Maria. :scream:


Kind of like what my son does - clean up and the toys the girls leave in the minivan after a trip so they don’t become missiles should - heaven forbid - they ever get into an accident.


We are keeping our eyes on this as well - thanks all. What a devastating time for these places.


The weather folks are saying that H. Maria will hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Friday at approximately 9pm Eastern with estimated 150mph winds.


According to news reports the island of Dominica was completely decimated by H. Maria.


At 11:30pm Central, H. Maria, Category 5,175mph winds. Moving WSW @ 10mph. 20 miles SSW of St. Croix


10:30am Central. Sorry guys, I sort of fell asleep and failed to provide timely information on Maria, last nite. A soon as I can put some coffee in me and figure out how to get rid of the keyboard impressions my left cheek and forehead. ok…here goes

Category 4 H. Maria (18N066.5W) pummels Puerto Rico with140mph with 6 to 9 foot storm surge, moving NW at 12mph, 15miles ESE of Arecibo, PR


Just heard it have now entered Puerto Rico, and they expect it will take 24 hour before it have passed. The whole Puerto Rico is now without electricity, they said.


Puerta Rico update -

Category 3, 115 mph Winds, Gusts to 165 mph, moving NW @ 12mph. 51 miles west of the island. 100% without power. Officials say 3 to 6 months to repair power grid.