H. Maria - New Maria map to tag!


There is a new Maria map to tag. And the tags stick :grin:

Map PR 18:


Top of the pic, going all the way down across PR.


Another triggy picture, looking at the differens between the 2 pic, it look like the water is running up.


Damaged/Missing Bridge (or just flooded?)


Hello everyone and @Claus2 and @kateg!

I’ve added a bunch of new maps of Puerto Rico to the Maria campaign. We now have full coverage of the island post-hurricane. I haven’t had a chance to test everything in depth, so please let me know what you see and if there are any issues (besides the usual ones…:roll_eyes:)

The last of imagery that came in for full coverage was from 10/24, around a month after Maria. I am not sure what the pace of reconstruction has been - it would be nice if we were seeing a lot of rebuilding.

Let me know how it goes. If things seem to be working reasonably for you all I will post to our facebook page, too. Thank you all for your continued help!

2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico

The map I’ve loaded this evening (http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1sd5x14y4g) seems to be working well, scrolling smoothly, all tags sticking as they should do. :smiley:


@kateg Map PR 19
Pic also going all the way down across PR


@Mel_Nod Seemed to go ok for me too, and did note quite a few buildings with blue tarpaulin’s over rooves and some reconstruction/construction under way :slight_smile:


@Mel_Nod ok,on my nr 2 account, just a little black line running on this, no problem I guess.


@Mel_Nod @Claus @Claus2

Yeah, this crease goes to end of image affecting many images.


Had to start new images when I’m sick. bleh So everyone do 40 or 50 for me. :slight_smile:


Where have you been? It was so quiet around here I figured you had gone on vacation to Tahiti or some such.


I think he alternates weeks with cagey to give themselves a break to pursue other non-nodding activities/interests :wink:


PR 20

Also coast to coast across PR


Thanks all. And thanks for the note about the black line - that is a mystery, I will look into it.


That’s where I skidded on the way back to bed. ~~~~~~~~~~:crying_cat_face: ~~~~~~


PR 18 south coast is Guayanilla, just west of Ponce

PR 19; south coast is Salinas

PR 20; south coast is Ponce.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: embarrassed5


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