H. Maria - Overwhelming - suggestion


when I see total devastation I may take a couple buildings but when others have already tagged that area I move on, but now I am giving up.


You can handle it as you see fit, but— that defeats the crowdsourcing benchmark. They NEED a 10+ consensus. Just because someone else spotted a rock does not make your spotting less important.

:frowning: :cat: Yes, cats do frown.



It is never my intention to make any member feel I “scratched” from my cat persona. :frowning:

It just gets frustrating to explain why a small company tucked out west can’t jump and do everything we wish (and they wish) they could do for us. I consider it a big win that they gave us Melissa, since we hadn’t had a Staff voice on the Forum for nearly a year.

Otherwise… I’ve been dealing with some “real life” problems. If I sound ‘short’ lately, I’m sorry. I’ve had some really rough stuff going on here. Not been much purring lately.



That how I feel when I take something and see “8 others” had tagged it before me. I say to myself, “Come on somebody… tag it to make 10!”


I’m with you and Cagey Jim; when I tag something and see an 8 I think “yes”! come on, come on, someone soon make it 10 and over :smiley: But I keep on tagging because a building right next door to census of say 14 might only be 1 or even 0 zero :confused: Yes a lot of tags in the tile might be in the 10+ consensus but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete tile covered so :frowning: …unless of course there’s only thing to tag in that tile :grin:


@cageycat, please forgive me. I was not trying to make you feel like you hurt me in any way. I certainly was not offended. And what I wrote was written in very good spirit. (see all those smileys, I rarely use)

I really adore that :cat: persona you use and the very obvious hard work you put into moderating and tagging, I was just trying to use some "cat humor " but it was too soon I realize. I use humor all the time even when not appropriate and apparently this was on of those time. The net is not the best medium to convey body language and mood and certainly not when it is cross cultural.

So no hard feelings here on my end whatsoever.

And now that we cleared that out of the way. Please allow me to be a bit personal.
Cat, I know life can hit very hard sometimes. It is never easy and I am sorry to hear that you are having your share lately. The fact that you choose to continue the work you do here says a lot about you. Thank you for that.

I read the things you wrote over time in the forum and your patience and care come shining through. I can sense that and the heart you put into it.

I do not dare to even pretend I know what you are going through, I just hope since we do not know each other, but since I had my share of things I hope you have that person that will help you go through it.

Wishing you all the best. Sincerely.


Thank you, Shahar. Your compliments mean a lot, truly.

I’m sure my true self (cat) will be back on the forum when life straightens itself out a bit. In the meantime, I know there was a stock of fresh catnip in CageyCat’s Lounge, if anyone wants some catnip tea. :cat:


:star_struck: And they know that I like to start at edges. I’ve noticed that a lot wherever they land me on a map I’m always only a couple of tiles away from the edge Grin roll


Working on that theory, it must seem to think I like clouds…! :rofl::cloud::cloud::cloud::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well actually Helen, I did wonder that too :thinking: :upside_down_face:

Look on the positive side, you get to clear the clouds and I get to clear the black edges . . . . so nobody else has to :grin:


True, it saves other Nodders from some of the boring bits! :no_mouth:
The server also seems to think I want to revisit areas I’ve already tagged, too… in quick succession it’s just dumped me back on several areas that I’ve already placed lots of tags on. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Perhaps it’s trying to tell me it’s time for sleep :zzz:… my cat :cat2: is certainly telling me it’s time for his late night snack and bed :sleeping_bed:, he’s being annoyingly naughty!


Well then, I think the server is always messing with me. It should know by now that I usually start at a corner and work my way down or up from there. But where does it always land me on a new map? Dead center! :roll_eyes:


Actually, you’re right, Jim. I asked long ago, if their computer knows that I start at corners, why don’t they just start me at a corner, considering how I then must (OCD) spend time to go find one?!? Turns out, they still typically drop us all somewhere near center :frowning:

Maybe in the the next big ‘platform revision’, we’ll get to choose by a button on the Home Screen where we start. :smiley: We can wish. :wink:


Maybe they figure some of us will “branch out” (as we do) so it’s easier just to send everyone to the center. :roll_eyes::wink:


Well, last night after making my comment I did test that theory and again this morning and on both occasions it landed me a few tile in from the sides. So unless it’s because it’s a cutaway map and therefore would be relatively central of the whole of the map, the I don’t know :confused:
Whatever it’s doing to decide where to land me, I’m happy :grin: